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Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Vjump] January Issue

I found the scan yesterday from Weibo but I forgot who posted it so took me a while to figure out who and I finally found it...

Welp, this months Digimon page doesn't have colour because apparently next month's Vjump will reveal a Big Digimon news...I wonder what it is.
And also follow by the reveal of Green Aegiothusmon, a Silver power Evolution, Blue Version of Aegiothusmon is also revealed.
Stay tune for next month's Vjump!
Also this month's Vjump includes Chapter 8 of Digimon World RE: Digitized: Decode manga.


  1. I was surprised that this form was brought on after fighting Marsmon. He went all Cyborg, while Marsmon doesn't have anything mechanical on him. Aegiothusmon Green made more sense, but Blue still looks pretty awesome.

    I'm expecting a new evolution for Aegiomon next month, since they're continuing the trend of fighting an Olympus Twelve member, this time Mercurymon. Hopefully they continue with this trend of gaining a new evo from the OT until they cover all of them.

    Hoping for a new Anime announcement!!!!!

    1. Ditto. If not anime, something very cool to re-ignite the hype.

  2. It could be an anime or a brand new game maybe for the wii u but still hoping for a new anime

  3. Yeah let's hope for a new one x)

  4. hope for a new anime series.. TOEI should realize that their vacuum time for digimon series is going to be end (vacuum cycle 2-3 years).. 2014 is their deadline of the cycle

    1. shouldn't it be 2015?
      XH was aired until March 2012

    2. oh, well, I was wrong.. you're right.. it should be on 2015

  5. I just figured out why Aegiomon goes through different evolutions. He is trying to correspond with the 4 factions in Digimon Crusader except for Dark, which is already taken by Cerberumon: Jinrou Mode, since Aegiomon is not the type of Digimon to be influenced by evil as he is a Holy species Digimon. Cerberumon: Jinrou Mode also has something to do with being the pre-evolution of Plutomon, which is in opposite of Aegiochusmon(original/Red) and its two other forms being the pre-evolution of Jupitermon. For example:

    Aegiochusmon Green-Nature
    Aegiochusmon Blue-Steel/Knight

    Any of you guys could let me know what you think about this idea at anytime.

  6. I really hope its a new anime!! Ugh only the thought that it might be, makes me eager!!!