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Thursday, December 12, 2013

[AMV] Break Up!

My friend Lehoshi made her newest Digimon AMV :)
For those who don't know her: saya, her and I have been working on AMV together since 2010~
Here's her youtube channel

I haven't made any AMV since "Legend Xros Wars", but after seeing her recent new AMV, it motivates me to get back to it sometime :)
But my youtube account is banned... so... Yeah...

Well I do have a new project plan for the up-coming Odaiba Memorial day!
Not just the Digimon song poll!
BTW the Digimon poll is due soon! If you haven't vote yet, VOTE! :D
( Vote on your screen left)

Anyways, enjoy her newest AMV :3

Break up
(Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution Insert Song)
Artist: Ayumi Miyazaki

If video doesn't work, click here:


  1. RR, I heard that it says Digimon game will at PS Vita, title デジモンサイバートゥルース. But I'm not sure, we'II see what digimon event at Jump Viesta in 21 December. Rumor or Rumor are I don't believe or believe. We'II see with our eye.

    1. Yeah I heard about it too, there's a website regarding about this.
      It's a new Digimon Story game apparently. however there's no confirmation yet... I'm going to wait for a few scan
      however I will make a blog post