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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[unconfirm?] PSPvita: Digimon: Cyber Truth/デジモンサイバートゥルース


Well as previous Vjump mentioned there'll be a big announcement on a brand new digimon project on the up-coming Vjump issue, which will release in a few days.
The site has posted info about the up-coming Digmon game for PSP vita:

Digimon Cyber Truth/ デジモンサイバートゥルース

On the site it says release in 2015
It'll be another RPG game of raising Digimon, the location is in the Future Japan, the game will take place in the real world. So you'll be running around with Digimon and such on the street.
(Well, guess it's that year 2025 thingy with Adventure 02, where they said everyone in the world has their own partner Digimon.)

Do note that none of this are confirm.
(Also the title is abit werid to me tbh -3-)
I did hesitated abit before making a blog post, but I figure I'll just do it anyways.
So please don't jump to conclusion until we have the Vjump's scan.

Also on 2ch there are alot of all these other info about anime and such, it might be just a guess, we are not sure if they are true and just wait for confirmation.


  1. This suck why the vita, nobody play on that, they should at least go to 3ds or playstation 3

    1. they need more games to play on vita
      but I do agree on you with 3DS and PS3/PS4 though

    2. I'm glad it's not on the 3ds since it's region locked. At least with the vita we can import the game. I wouldn't mind it on the ps3 though.

    3. so my name is "nobody"? Your opinion is dumb, vita have lot players too and lot good games is going to release in 2014, 3ds is good but it have the freaking region locked and i kinda agree it should be on ps3 too, since digimon game series already leaving TV screen for a long times, it would be great to play a new digimon game in PS3 with LED TV, but i think Vita TV can work too?

  2. Oh yeah, I heard rumor that new series Digimon in anywhere. But I don't sure it rumor is true or wrong

    1. "Digimon Versus" it is called. As tempting as it is to expect a new Digimon anime after Xros Wars, best to rely on official confirmation.

    2. That name itself already gives me doubts LOL
      Remember Digimon Around? The Digimon Around rumor?
      Then few months later some toy website leaked the new toy for Xros Wars LMAO

    3. Hope this rumor will follow the same pattern like before Xros Wars' unveiling LOL-mon.

  3. hopefully if there's a 7th season, it will be a good one.. usually, odd numbered digimon season has always been much better, and this is 7th one..

  4. Hey, RR. I found scans. this is
    Look like digimon world 3 before, he walking with three digimon!

  5. From 2ch.

    Looks interesting and hopefully there's another page for it.

    I was wondering/hoping if there was going to be a new form for Aegiomon this month, but i guess not.

  6. Thanks for the update guyss -v-