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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Vjump] July Issue + Bancho Lilymon(Updated)

Double post today~ wohoo!
Thank you for all of your reminder on my QQ group and the comment on the previous posts!
And thanks for Nuclust for helping to read some of the blurry texts.
Tons of new Digimon News today -v- (FINALLY!)

Digimon Re: Digitized Decode manga is on break this month due to Mangaka's health.
Therefore Chapter 14 will update on June 4th.

Finally Vjump scan of the new up-coming Digimon Story PSP Vita game:
Introducing the female protagonist, and introduces two other male and female character:
Former Advance Hacker: Sanada Arata:
(Blurry to read) Something about working with young adults and something about like a brother.(?)
Positive Girl: Shiromine Nokia: Very strong but kind of scary, she know things about the Protagonists.
Release date for the game still TBA.
Updated: May 21st, with new clear image from ANN.

Banch Lilymon is a new Digimon to Digimon Collection game


  1. It's Shiramine Nokia
    you gotta fix it

  2. I watched Hunter X Hunter recently and I think that it was kinda good. It was a remake of their original 1999 version. Call me stupid but...
    What if there was a remake of Digimon, as in Digimon Adventure too? I mean, that would be cool, right?! Can't we do anything, vote or poll to let the makers know that we'd like to have a remake? I mean, only if everyone agrees.

  3. Naw that would be stupid idea to remake digimon adventure, knowing the fact that saban is going to mess thing up again like they did in xros wars, plus I like the original dub with those voice actors and beside the voice of tai is not doing voice acting anymore so it pointless doing a remake, I want a new digimon season with 6 or 7 new kids with a new digivice, a normal digivoultion and a new set of digimon and oh yea a little more mature and realistic

    1. So I'm not the only one who want another season with at least 6 protagonists and old fashion digivolution...not some crappy Xross fusion or whatever it's called....*sigh*

  4. Sad news, Collectors is ending on july 31st. It's probably not going to be long before Crusader is on the chopping block. Before it dies, however it will be having two more Bantyo events so, at least we will probably finish this group in the next two months.

    On a good note, it's current update released cards for the manga exclusive xros mons, except for ShootingStarmon, The practically naked Nene's and Darknightmon's monster forms. Though for whatever reason there not gold like they were in the manga and Ex6 is missing R-S's tails, he's also not mostly gold either.

    Footmon is there too, it looks better then it did in the toei art.