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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Vjump] September Issue + New bancho (Updated Digivice Info)

info ANN
New Vjump this month, feature the upcoming Digimon Story game

New mysterious female character name Yuko Kamishiro, who meets the player in a hospital, and in search for the mystery virus called the EDEN virus.She has dark hair with sorrow eyes. She gives special requests when she meets the player.

Update on the new release of season 1 of Digivices, one is Taichi's colour and the other one is Yamato's colour. Omegamon and Diaboromon is playable character in the digivices, along with Tailmon and Wizardmon.
You can pre-order the Digivice on August 1st, and it'll release on December.
(You can go on the site on that magazine scan or scan that QR code)
There are more news coming for this:
1. Other new playable digimon will continue announce(In the digivice)
2. Package design for the 15th anniversary

Also a brand new bancho is introduced to the Digimon Collector game
Bancho Golemon 
(Thank you for anonymous for the name)


  1. in the last vjump scan, there was this digimon next to andromon that i couldn't make out, was wondering what it was was and now i know, it's cyberdramon.

    bottom left corner of image.

    also the site has updated again with the evolution section of the system page and wheregarurumon images. not liking how he looks, but at least metalgarurumon(in the home page behind fem protags head) looks ridiculously awesome.

    1. The digimon next to androimon is Cyberdramon from Tamers :)