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Saturday, August 16, 2014

[Vjump] Octorber Issue

We don't have the complete scan of Vjump for this month, so I'll be update this post once we get more images
someone on Komica Taiwan forum post this on the Yugioh discussion thread out of random
and showed a scan of this month's vjump, feature the final member of the Royal Knights.
There were total of 12 Royal Knights, but not all of them were revealed, then in X-evolution, Alphamon's appearance as the 13th Royal Knights.
So year by years they have been revealed more
And now they finally revealed the 12th Royal Knights: Jesmon 
Once again, once I get more info I'll update on this post.

It's your daily homework until it hatches XD


  1. I think you made a typo... Isn't it "Jiesumon" instead of "Jieumon"?

  2. I pet that egg everyday i can, hoping everyone do that too when got a little free times :D

  3. "Deusmon"?

    Also something tells me that anything about the 2015 anime would be appearing in a future V-Jump issue after that egg hatches.

  4. Zeusmon...from Zeus, the leader of the Greek 12 gods :)

    1. nope, not Zeusmon, it's pronounced as "Ji e su mo n" when Zeus is pronounced as "Ze u su"

  5. I'm sure this is Hackmon's Kyuukyokutai (mega form) :
    - White armor
    - Red cape/scarf
    - V-shaped head
    - "Knife-claws" on arms, just like BaoHackmon's legs
    - Looks like a dragon

    Moreover, in the Digimon Reference Book, Hackmon is said to follow the dream of becoming a Royal Knight like Gankoomon.

    1. Thats pretty clever! Didn't saw those until you said so, I think that's pretty accurate

  6. The main problems here are:
    1. We haven't known what it's called in roman alphabet
    2. We haven't known what level it is (perfect or ultimate)
    3. We haven't known where it will make its first debut, but from my thoughts it will be on digicrus since digicolle is now dead

  7. Hm, you know this is probably me looking too far into this (and I have no religious stake in this being the name either way: I don't practice any Abrahamic\Judeo-Christian religion, so this is 100% speculation on my part) but...

    ...Jiesu could be "Jesu," which I base on a common Christmas\Easter Hymn by Bach's English lyrics: Jesu, The Joy of Man's Desiring. Or just the fact Digimon tends to cut off the last letter (or more) of a name\word a -mon is based on, examples: "Ange(l)mon," "Seraphi(m)mon" the -Dra(gon)mon family (Mugendramon, Imperialdramon, etc), Vam(pire)demon (Okay, anything with the word "Demon" in it is usually a pun, like, of course, Demon himself, so..Some better past villainous examples, and in Honor of Adventure's new season: Pie(rot)mon, Pinocchi(o)mon, Devi(l)mon, Apocaly(pse)mon, SkullSata(n)mon, possible other Demon Corps members if only I could remember their names besides MarineDevi(l)mon...Etc.).

    Though the standard spelling for Jesus in Japanese is "Iesu," it's short for "Iesu Kurisuto" which is spelled in Katakana (same as most of the other cards), a form of the Japanese 40+ Word alphabet (Hiragana being for standard Japanese grammar) which is used as a way to directly spell out the pronunciation of a foreign word: "Pan," the Japanese word for bread comes direcly from the Spanish word for bread, "Pan," (though I also hear it's a warping of "Pao," the Portugeuese word) which is most likely why his name is spelled as "Iesu," it comes from a language where Js don't have a hard G-like sound (such as Spanish). Iesu is also the Katakana spelling for "Yes," so using the hard J-version of Jesu(s) could be a way to clarify.

    Though I'm (more than) likely wrong, it sounds more like the head of the Holy Angel Digimon (iAngemon, Holydramon, Ophanimon, Seraphimon, etc) but it seemed possible to me because of the spelling. And especially because the cards combine various Eastern\Western religious lore and parts of the Abrahamic religions into the Digimon already (like the order of the angels, for example). Jesumon doesn't sound too far off to me to finally be added to the card game (We already have "God(dra)mon, why not?). I think 02 once implied that Digimon who take on religious or deity-like forms are sort of based on human belief (and Diablomon represented the Y2K Bug or something like that, or is that just a fan theory?). Tamers just used the Chinese Siling legend for Zhuqiaomon, Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon and Baihumon for its four Gods of the Digital World and villains based on the Chinese Zodiac that, technically, weren't really villains, Frontier used the Order of Angels with the villain representing the fallen Angel - Luc(if)e(r)mon). And Ryou Akiyama's constant rival, Mllleniu(m)mon being some sort of ever evolving God of Time (which is pretty damned powerful on the sliding scale of power, if you ask me and is probably why Ryou can never actually beat hm for good: You can't stop time let alone someone who controls it. .Plus - I get a much-less-goofy Mephisto Pheles level of danger feeling from that Mon).

    Anyway, adding Jesu(s)mon wouldn't surprise me too much, though if the above post is right and that's another Digimon's picture above the name: I'm curious as to whether or not it's fake or what the REAL "Jesumon" would liik like (3:1 says "Giant Cross-shaped Weapon" like Wolfwood in Trigun, who's with me?).

    1. Same anonymous guy again, just wanted to fix a couple errors in my above post:

      -Katakana and Hiragana are 40+ LETTER alphabets, not WORD (that's Kanji, based on Chinese Hanzi, each symbol = One word and there's a hulluva lot more than just 40 or 50 of them). Also, his name in Japanese is "Iesu KI-risuto," not "KU-risuto." Iesu (alone) is still the phonetic spelling for the English word "Yes," hence my hard J theory for the mysterous -Mon. Also, I accidentally spelled "Look" as "Liik" in the last sentence. *Smacks forehead* I gotta stop drinking before posting...

      -I sort of cut myself off in the middle of a sentence\train of thought when describing 02 implying that Religious\Deity-ish Digimon are based on or created by Human belief (Like a digital version of Peter Pan's infamous "Clap if you believe in faeries!" scene). To back this up, I just want to add that I think this first came up in the Miyako goes to Kyoto episode by Shin\Shuu (whichever one of Jyou's brothers went rogue and didn't become a doctor and goes with archeology or something like that, the dub calls them BOTH by the same name and I haven't seen 02 past the Kaiser arc in years), I want to believe it was mentioned later by either Qui-Gennai-Jin (Seriously, that had to be a costly face lift) or Qinglongmon but...I might be completely wrong on this one.

      Also, with the Miyako episode, I'll toss in a little Kanji trivia question for Japanse speakers: As you know, Kyoto and Tokyo both share a history as the Japanese capital, but guess what the stealth pun is in that episode's plot?

      *Cue Jeopardy theme, allows extra time for smacking for such an old joke*

      Answer: The Chosen Child from (the Odaiba district of) Tokyo (Meaning Eastern Capital) went to Kyoto (meaning Capital Metropolis\City) was Miyako (Capital).

      All three names share the Kanji for "Capital." Miyako's name is just spelt with the lone Kanji, the cities have a second one either after (Tokyo) or before (Kyoto) the symbol for "Capital." Just a random pun I think the writers threw in (Japanese wordplay jokes are kinda common, next time you're out at a sushi bar, ask a Japanese speaking sushi chef "Ikura wa ikura desu ka?" And see if he gets the joke.).

      Also, quick note: My post really is speculation, I'm not trying to start a religious flame war with this. It's simply my take on what Ji-e-su" or Jesumon could mean...For all I know, it might just take it's meaning from something else related to Christianity or from Something Completely Different (Insert Monty Python Holy Grail joke here...GET ON WITH IT!).

      If I was trying to be offensive, my "Cross Shaped Weapon" joke would've had odds of 3:16, which makes absolutely no sense.