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Friday, October 17, 2014

[Vjump] December Issue (Updated)

New Vjump reveal a new silhouette of the up-coming Digimon Adventure season.
This time it's Hikari Yagami.
Supposedly more news to come in the next issue.

Due to personal reasons, I won't be as active anymore, even with the up-coming Digimon season.
I haven't been in touch with many of my fellow digimon fans or even the Digimon community for a long while.
However I will still try keep this blog up to date with the news in this blog.
As you can see, this blog is entirely Digimon News only, not really a personal blog anymore.
I have no intention to expand this blog to a website, Tumblr is a maybe. 

I know a few of you have been posting news in the comment before I make a post on the blog, if anyone interested, I may have one position open for someone who's interested as an editor and in the Asia/UK Time Zone.(Preferable, if you are in N.America and able to post during day time, I can take that as consideration)
If you know English, and Japanese will be an asset for this position. 

Thank you Jessicat and G-santo for the update
On the Cyber Sleuth new's side:

New female character introduced with the name Kishibe Rei, who's an ambitious girl who wants to dominate the Cyberspace/Digital World
Also one of the Royal Knights, Lord Knightmon will make its appearance in the Cyber Sleuth Game. 
Next issue of Vjump will also cover more indept details of the evolution level and power in the Digimon.


  1. Nuuuu admin, whose up for this task? ;w;

  2. Well, no problem. It would indeed be best to tackle or prioritize first your RL matters if they require more of your personal time on them. Though surely those who regularly visit this blog, especially Digimon fans are very much appreciative and thankful for your informative contribution, as well as effort in bringing the latest in the world of Digimon.

    Good luck on your other endeavors and smooth sailing~!

  3. Rainmon, new info about Cyber Sleuth:

    Better images: and

    New character Rie Kishibe, an ambitious woman who presides/supervises the Cyberspace.
    Royal Knights are part of the plot, again. Why is LordKnightmon being introduced first, though?
    There are over 230 Digimon in the game.

    If I understand correctly, they're going to introduce/talk about the level system next month.

    1. Thank you for your info ^^
      Yup, it seems more info about the game and anime in the next magazine

  4. Hello Rainmon, I am MT from Canada. I've been around Baidu Tieba 数码宝贝吧 and 数码暴龙吧 posting Digimon news using MatthewSMBB account. I sure can help out with editing stuff on this website if you think I am capable of doing it. :)

    1. Hi there, Thank you for your interest ^^
      Is there a way for me contact you?
      Email or if you like, you can send me a message through our fanpage

      Thanks :)

    2. Alright, my email is; QQ: 1160939208
      You can use any of these two to contact me :)

  5. That green-head girl looks like one of those Pokemon recurrent characters...


      I'm kidding LOL