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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Line up of 8 Chosen Children Silhouette Revealed!

Thank you for all of your hardwork on hatching Punimon!
Silhourette of all 8 children have revealed :)
then... new egg will come soon....
More nade nade to do...
(They are not ganna making us pet all 8 eggs, are they?....)

"We'll meet again"


  1. Seeing as it didn't take long for the last 20k clicks on Yamato's digi-egg (godbless that slide puzzle game) I don't think we need to worry about a long wait with the next egg

  2. I can't wait for this. This is my primary reason for staying alive right now.


    new trailer of Digimon all star rumble featuring stopmotions of D arts Omegamon VS SH figuarts Imperialdramon Fighter mode... sooo BADASS

  4. Now, the question is, where does Daisuke, Miyako, Ken and Iori in all of this? I have this feeling that their roles might be "decreased" similar to Taichi-tachi in the 02 anime.

    1. Their roles will probably be decreased since we can only see original 8 Digimon and Chosen Children. But who knows, maybe next Digi-Egg might provide some info about them. I just hope that this new anime will disregard everyone in the world having a Digimon partner thing in 02 and fix some stuff from that season.

    2. Plot holes, yes? These we were the still unexplained stuff back in 02 anime, methinks:

      - Dagomon
      - Daemon and his Daemon Corps' enigmatic agenda on why they are after Ken's Dark Seed/Spore.

    3. It maybe take place in the digital world entirely just like season 1, so Daisuke and them may not appear or maybe just cameo?

      maybe like the reverse like season 2 (like you all mentioned)

      Please don't do an arc that kinda like Dragon Ball GT where all villain return, and think you can bring the nostalgic back like that...

    4. Yep I'd like to see what Dagomon and Demon's business is. The last 10 episodes of 02 were really really really bad in my opinion. The ending also blows...

      I really hope this will be good. The last thing we got were Boy Hunters and, well, let's just say it wasn't that glorious. Hope they will give Digimon the right treatment this time. There is so much potential in this franchise and so many interesting things that can be done.

    5. @BNTDW

      Oh, no~! Definitely not~! The Dark Masters, Devimon, Etemon especially Vamdemon himself should've met their deserved ends and they should stay in whatever Digital Hell they ended up after their demise at hands of the Chosen Children and their Digimon~! >XD

      Some have been guessing that the 2015 anime could have a bit of slice of life theme in it. As the anime would likely revolve around the life of the now 17 year old Taichi and his generation.. Perhaps they would be dealing typical teenager problems too, as adulthood is just around the horizon for them.

    6. Life theme is good, too. Personally, I'm more interested in how Digimon spend their lives than how children do. It is called "Digimon" after all, haha. That's why I love X-Evolution.

  5. I'm pretty agree with you guys comment. 2 plot hole Daracomon he's the original creator of dark towers and evil spiral... and Daemon with his attension.... will there's gonna be a story about them... and looking forward all of them gotta their Mega level Digimon :D