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Saturday, November 1, 2014

[Digimon All-Star Rumble] 12 Base Playable Digimon and Evolution & Super Form

Bandai Namco promised on the Live Stream that they will reveal all playable Digimon and their evolution forms on the internet. And they did put a list on Bandai Namco Games America Tumblr.


  • Digivolved Form: War Greymon
  • Super Form: Omnimon / Omegamon

  • Digivolved Form: Metal Garurumon
  • Super Form: Omnimon / Omegamon


  • Digivolved Form: Hououmon
  • Super Form: Examon


  • Digivolved Form: Mega Kabuterimon / Atlur Kabuterimon
  • Super Form: Tyrant Kabuterimon


  • Digivolved Form: Plesiomon
  • Super Form: Aegisdramon

  • Digivolved Form: Angewomon
  • Super Form: Examon


  • Digivolved Form: Omni Shoutmon / Omega Shoutmon
  • Super Form: Shoutmon DX


  • Digivolved Form: Shoutmon X4
  • Super Form: Shoutmon X5B

Veemon / V-mon

  • Digivolved Form:Ex Veemon / XV-mon
  • Super Form: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode


  • Digivolved Form: Stingmon
  • Super Form: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode


  • Digivolved Form: War Growlmon / Megalo Growmon
  • Super Mode: Gallantmon / Dukemon


  • Digivolved Form: Beelzemon
  • Super Form: Shoutmon X5B

There is also a limited time discount for Pre-ordering Digimon All-Star Rumble at Bandai Namco Games Online Store, but is only for everyone who's in USA. You can use coupon code "BNGADIGI" before November 5th 11:59 PM PDT to get 15% off the game.


  1. I think its great we finally get a new (rumble) game to the west but they should have done some things better / different

  2. From what I discovered so far, I think I've found out the source of Biyomon and Gomamon's Super Forms......
    In Re:Digitize Decode, Akiho Rindou's partner Biyomon digivolve to Examon...
    In Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, Aegisdramon can be digivolved from Plesiomon..

    1. BAMCO of America's such a tease, then. The strongest Evolution of the mentioned Digimon seems to a throwback or homage to two Digimon games that unfortunately never saw light beyond the Japan's shores.