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Saturday, November 29, 2014

[Cyber Sleuth] Rie Kishibe, Lord Knightmon, Digivolution

Gematsu and 4Gamers updated some news about the game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth today.

  • Kishibe Rie
  • The ambitious talented female
  • The Operating Officer of Kamishiro Enterprise, which oversees the EDEN project. Though she has a mellow, yet magnanimous disposition and puts on a considerate air towards other people’s thoughts and feelings, deep down she has complete confidence in her decisions and therefore rarely actually listens to anybody else’s suggestions.

The mysterious female who suddenly appears while exploring the hospital.

She seems to know Kamishiro Yuko, what are their relationships?


  • Lord Knightmon
  • The advanced soldier from Digital World who is behind the scenes
  • Lord Knightmon is a holy knight type Digimon, the king of all Knightmon and a member of Royal Knights. It is deeply involved in the incidents occurring in the real world, but it's intentions are unknown. Rather than categorize Lord Knightmon as good or evil, it follows its own definition of justice. That said, if “rule by force” brings peace, then Lord Knightmon finds value in it. Lord Knightmon shows an unparalleled ruthlessness to the execution of its missions, and it has no mercy for the weak.

Lord Knightmon uses his powerful special move "Spiral Masquerade"

The purpose that Lord Knightmon stands in front of the protagonist is..!?

Scan, Collect, and Convert Digimon
The Digimon Scanner will automatically begin to scan the Digimon when player encounter a Digimon. Ifgathered over 100% of the Digimon’s data, player can convert that data in the Digi-Lab, and watch it go from a Digi-Egg to Digimon. The larger the percentage, the more that will be added to the converted Digimon’s base abilities.




As Digimon get stronger, they will Digivolve. Their levels and skill points will increase as you win battles, allowing them to Digivolve into a variety of other Digimon. Digimon can Digivolve when meets certain conditions. For example, Greymon can evolve into MetalGreymon, MetalGreymon (Virus), Megadramon, or SkullGreymon, and each has their own conditions the player must meet.




Rare Digivolution
Typically, a Digimon Digivolves simply by leveling up and reaching that point naturally as a matter of consequence. However, there are rare digivolutions that can occur through other methods, such as repeated Digivolving and de-Digivolving to break through level caps, as well as by training up latent skill points. Some evolutions require a particular item.


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