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Friday, December 26, 2014

[Bluray]Digimon adventure Bluray Disc Cover art

Info: DM15thTwitter, and happinet-p

Cover art for the BD disc which will be releasing on March 3rd, 2015.
This bluray box set will include 54 ep of the Digimon Adventure series digital-remaster in Bluray.

The Pre-order special will be brand new special drama CD which approximate 40 minutes,
Original Concept: Hongo Akiyoshi, Planed:  Seki Horomi,  Script: Yoshimura Genki, Producer: Hiroyuki Kakudo.
CD drama #1: "Before the end of the world"
Features: Wizardmon, Tailmon, Ogamon,Hikari and Leonmon/Narration.
CD drama #2: "Digimon Mystery File: The Solve of the Thousand Years seal"
Features: Sora, Yamato, Koushiro, Mimi, Jou, Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Palmon, Patamon, Gomamon, Navel Stone, and Narrator.

This boxset also comes with:

 General Bonus:
  • a box with transparent sleeve and tripartite back with artworks, 
  • Digi-Stack case X2 with artworks
  • Special Booklet ( The one released in December 2007's Digimon Adventure DVD boxset: "Digimon Chronicle Bonus 04: Digimon Adventure: 'Memory of Our Digimon Adventure' 'The Adventure of Summer Diary'"
  • Picture Lable
Video Bonus: 
Credit less Opening and ED
Promotional CM


  1. I wonder if they will have English subtitles available for this. They should have, right?

    1. Probably not...why would it come with English subtitles?

      If you're familiar with Digimon, you'll understand the episodes just fine. =)

    2. Well that's true. But, the reason I want it to come with subtitles is because IMO original Japanese version is the best version of Digimon and if anyone who is not familiar with Digimon is interested in it, I'd always recommend watching in original language. That's why having official English subtitles for these new BluRay episodes would be pretty sweet IMO.

    3. (Same anon here) I agree with you 100% about the Japanese being superior, which is why I have this set pre-ordered. =) But the thing is, this is a Japanese boxset being released in Japan, so...yeah.

      The good news is that Digimon Adventure is on Netflix streaming in its original Japanese with English subtitles, so at least we have that.

  2. Interesting with the drama CD. Does the Thousand Year Seal one will provide insight about Apocalymon and his imprisonment behind the Firewall for many years? Or it is a seal utilized by the Dark Masters to imprison the 4 Sovereigns before the start of the anime?

    1. Indeed. "Before the end of the world" might be about Wizarmon and Tailmon's adventures before they met Vamdemon or while serving under him and also about Ogremon and Leomon's rivalry maybe. And who or what is Navel Stone featured in CD drama #2? Also, are the other drama CDs from other Digimon seasons considered canon?

    2. Perhaps the so-called "Navel Stone" has a connection with the near-omniscient Non-Digimon Entity "Homoeostasis'?