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Saturday, January 10, 2015

[Otomedia] February Issue (Updated w/ HQ Scans)

Thanks to SCCHI for the high quality scans!

This issue's mag not only includes the special Valentines Day Poster,
it has interviews with the producer of Digimon Adventure Tri, and special Valentines Interview with the 5 male protagonists from the Digimon Adventure. (Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, Jou and Takeru)

(There's alot of translation... we may translate them all if we have time.
Please credit back the scan provider, which list above. And if you are going to translate into another language or post it anywhere else, please credit this blog or MT for the translation! 

Even if you are translating to your own language. He was working really hard on this.)

Q: What is the meaning for the word 'tri'?
A: 'tri' represents the number 3, is 3 possible to be the keyword in the new series? I think so. Of course it is also the third of the Digimon Adventure series. People can pay attention to all kinds of 3 in the new series.

Q: 15 years have passed since Digimon Adventure, what are the thoughts and feelings when new season was announced?
We want to remind people the time we spent together through Digimon Adventure tri after 15 years. The story and anime will be targeted to adult audiences. Hopefully the same audiences who enjoyed Digimon Adventure 15 years ago, will enjoy Digimon Adventure once more. And for those who did not watched Digimon Adventure before, will enjoy Digimon Adventure tri.

"8 chosen children will meet at the beginning of the story, the hint for the new anime in overall is hidden in the monologue at the end of last episode of Digimon Adventure 02. How will the issues between Digimon and humans when they quickly getting more closer be fixed."
Adventure tri. will definitely be a sequel to Adventure 02.
I wonder what is the hint, hmm...

Yoshimura Genki said there are about 10 pages in Super Dash Bunko Shueisha is used as reference when she's writing the drama CDs.
I suppose it is Digimon Adventure novel?


  1. So, this means Tri was already in planned or set up after 02 ended years ago? I too am intrigued of what this "hint" is.

    1. Of course not, when 02 ended there weren't plans for another season of Adventure, they wouldn't have the epilogue if they had planned another season of this. Originally, there wasn't even plans for 02, even the main writer of Adventure retired because they didn't want to participate in 02.

      The new staff simply chose to create a new story, using history as a source of conflict epilogue to this new story.

    2. The new staff simply chose to create a new story, using story of epilogue as a source of conflict to this new story

    3. where did you hear that adventure was not suppose to have 02?

  2. I still hope that they will drop that everyone having a Digimon partner thing they did in Adventure 02. It was just unnecessary IMO and those episodes when children travelled around the world meeting all those other children were just too boring and uninteresting for me. 12 Chosen Children is enough.

    1. Maybe that's the hint. That everyone has a digimon partner. I'm watch the last ep of 02 just for that "hint".

  3. Here is the full interview translated
    Is in Spanish, so I guess it will be a problem for who doesn't speak that language. Anyway, is easier to translate than japanese.
    PS. The person who translated the interview warns that maybe there's some mistake because some kanjis are dificult to read. In any case is a good job!!

  4. So it will be mature like Tamers and Savers was, maybe even more mature. If they do this right, it will be the new beginning for Digimon.