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Friday, January 16, 2015

[Vjump] March Issue (updated)

Info 2ch (specially thanks to jessicat for the info)
So... this month's Vjump revealed the new visual of Taichi and Agumon.
And the tag and emblem will release on June,  pre-order starts on  January for 4500 yen.
And the capsule toys will release on mid- March,  300 yen each.  
Also announcement of SHFiguart for metalgarurumon,  original design edition. 
Digimon story : Cyber Sleuth will get its one shot manga in the next month's Vjump, illustrates by Ikumi fukuda

Updated: Cybersleuth news
Follow by Mirei(As we saw her on the new trailer), Rina will also makes her appearance back in the Cyber Sleuth.
Mirei's Angelwomon and Lady Devimon merges(Digixros? wha?) into Masudimon(Mastemon? ANN said It's Mastimon...)
Also features a new female character: Tawa Renko, who works in Shibuya's Tower Record as part of an in-game event. 
As well as features more of the Royal Knights.

Scan provided by: Bra-senshi


  1. Agumon looks deformed!

  2. This... is a troll, right? No matter what, it's too deformed...
    ...Hoping out it is or just a little joke on Toei's part...
    Because silhouette pic on the official site is definitely better than this.

  3. Seems the 15th Anniversary website used the silhouetted version of the stockart of the much more realistically proportioned Odaiba Agumon (That evolved as Greymon during that Highton Terrace fight vs Parrotmon in the first Digimon Adventure film.) The latest Tri look for Agumon is personally okay as it has retains semblance of his original anime design, though, I will admit the big head might take some time to get... Used to. ^^;;

    I think Mirei's Mastemon could be a Jogress.

  4. Wow, mastemon is too badass!! If i had a list of digimon i wanted to see DNA-digivolve, Angewomon and Ladydevimon would be very close to the top ^.^

    Looks like the new season will have very detailed animation. So far looks like movie quality to me O.o

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