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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[NADE NADE ] new visual, songs and VA revealed

Another 2 eggs finally hatched and revealed new visual.
Also reveal the same voice cast for digimon will return.
Opening song will be "butter-fly" by Wada Kouji
And insert song will be "Brave Heart" by Miyazaki Ayumi

Both songs will be in new version


  1. once again TROLLEI trolled us. How long they will still keep the new trailer from being publicated? This is just too long, all nade-nadeshit with being hindered by picodevimon, the outcome is just nothing.
    When all anime had given trailer and more, Digimon Adventure Tri?

    Seriously, it's not that I don't like, but if TROLLEI only made it with vague effort, it's better than it's not made for real

    1. Well, I do hope the new trailer isn't behind the next egg. Since April is just a month away, By the end of the month surely and pray TOEI will unveil the new trailer.

    2. but there's 1 egg remaining and I expect it really is behind the egg

    3. Yes. Seems it is the only thing TOEI's been under lock and key. Wonder why they are taking too long to publicly unveil it? Perhaps they are not ready? They should have forecasted the possible significant reception for Tri.

  2. On the other hand, the visual art is good enough, that Agumon is not OCD anymore

  3. OMG!!!!! (full orgasm) the picture is awesome!! much better than before. Also the epic songs are going to return!!!! I´m Looking forward to see this new series!!!! :D :D :D

  4. Agreed!The artwork here looks awesome!!!
    And also yay! Butterfly and Brave heart are coming back but I hope for new songs of Wada Kouji and Miyazaki also! ^^

  5. AWESOME!! Tailmon looks funny, haha! There already was a new version of Butter-Fly few years ago and I loved it, and now there will be another? I'm super hyped for this right now! xD

  6. Yey, the old tram is back in this picture, which means they take the roots seriously. And I just love how much this actually reminds me of season one, with all the antennas(digital stuff) etc in the background mixed with the nature, i´m having such a large nostalgia gasm right now!!!!
    And as everyone points out, the animation is amazing, judging by how biyomons arms looks to be dangling around, i think we´ll get a really smooth animation for this season,the pic reminds me of how digimon movies are animated.
    Gatomon´s ring is back too <3

    1. I'm watching Tsuritama now because that's what animation will look like in Tri and I can safely say: it's going to be beautifull! I can't wait!

  7. With how hard they're riding the nostalgia train, I hope they'll do their best to avoid having mentions about 02.

    1. With how hard they're riding the nostalgia train, I hope they'll do their best to avoid having mentions about 02.