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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Digimon tri air date, PV

The new version of butterfly sounds great, every chosen children  has different voice actor than the original series. 
This is going to be total 6 chapters , the first chapter with the title "reunion", will be in theater November 21st.  
 The trailer featured Greymon fighting with kuwagamon
And omegamon fighting with Alphamon!
There's an event for digimon adventure fans on August 1st this year! 

View trailer here:


  1. Anyone has a video of the trailer? I couldn't watch it because my stream was laggy :/


  2. So it's only gonna be 6 episodes long? Wow.

  3. The best part of the trailer is Omegamon and Alphamon fighting each other.

  4. All that big hooha for 6 episodes. And in November??? Wasn't it supposed to be spring?? And none of the original casts is returning. I'm extremely disappointed. I really hope that this being a film, each episode is more than 30mins long.

  5. is it the seiyuu that is written "cv"? if it is, can you tell me who is it? i can't read kanji? hahaha.. actually it's quite dissapointing, but let's just enjoy this new one :)

    1. Anime News network has them all for all the details

  6. So it will not be a TV series? If these 6 movies/OVAs are less than 1 hour each, I will be fucking disappointed! Hell, I'm already disappointed. Trailer is GREAT, new Butterfly version is GREAT, animation and art is AWESOME, Chosen Children having different voice actors is OK for me, but only 6 movies is shit! Not only that, but the first one comes out in November! Just wow... That's why you should never have high expectations for anything, folks. They better be longer than Our War Game, dammit.

  7. During the Nade-Nade days, I will admit I kept my expectations low for this series--- Such as I expect Tri to be non-50 plus episode anime, I even considered the possibility that the older kids might end up with new voice actors.

    But this recent unveiling, it still caught me a bit surprised as this will be a theatrical release that comes in six parts, with the first to premier on November.

    I love the instrumental Butterfly remix as well as the art direction shown in the trailer. I do hope the final product will be the same as first impression lasts.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. The trailer refers to the human characters by their Japanese names, and yet Tailmon is referred to as Gatomon - her dub name. What the hell?

    1. The Digimon are using their dub names. If you pay attention, they are using Biyomon instead of Piyomon.