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Thursday, June 18, 2015

[VJump] August Issue (Updated)

Scans credited to 尖耳

New Item:
Digivice Watch [The Unknown Item that should be updated at Premium Bandai very soon is probably this item]
Price: 8500Yen + tax (Per set? Too blurry)
Digimoji will be on the Watch Band

More info about Takeru & Angemon Figure from Megahobby Expo 2015 will be updated on Megahouse official site.

For Encode manga, there will be an unexpected story in the newest chapter.

Wada Koji & AiM Interview
VJump+ Screenshots credited to MT (Me) and Tsurugi_
I may translate them if I have time...

Taichi's CV Hanae Natsuki & Yamato's CV Hosoya Yoshimasa comments
Yamato's CV Hosoya Yoshimasa
Q: What do you think about the new PV?
A: The art is smooth, the blue looks fresh and wonderful. I have a feeling of "Welcome back". The music is very good too.
Q: Do you want to experience any adventures now?
A: I want to go to India with 2 friends, and Shikoku Pilgrimage.
Q: Please leave a message for the fans
A: I am Yamato's CV Hosoya Yoshimasa, I am currently watching Digimon Adventure DVD. Since the character connects the past and present, the personality in the new team is very important, I will try my best.
Taichi's CV Hanae Natsuki
Q: What do you think abou the new PV?
A: Digimon stays the same, but the children have all grow up, feels kinda lonely. I am excited for the story.
Q: What is your favorite character and Digimon from Digimon Adventure?
A: My favorite character is Koushiro, I think how he is devoted into his own world and ignores everything else is cute. My favorite Digimon are Numemon and Angemon. Numemon's actions and personality is very cute. I think Angemon is cool and strong when I was in elementary school.
Q: Please leave a message for the fans
A: I would talk about the story. How did the children developed from a child into a grownup? I think it is incredible. I will try my best to act the "grownup Taichi". Please look forward to November.

We will update this post when we get more scans.


  1. Probably and I do hope the new seiyuus for Taichi and Yamato would share personal thoughts of inheriting Toshiko Fujita and Yuuto Kazama's respective character roles.

    1. As you wish, I translated the seyyuu comments.

    2. Thanks~! I am happy to know that Hosoya and Hanae were Digimon fans too, and they expressed with earnest that they will continue to tell the story of both Taichi and Yamato through their vocal roles in DATri.

  2. I have a concern. Why did Ai Maeda(Aim) reprise her role as Mimi when shes involved in tri?

  3. Numemon is cute? It seems Natsuki likes when someone throws poop at him. Are you sure he said Numemon? xD

    1. I am 100% sure he said ヌメモン, which is Numemon

    2. i think he so moved when numemon help mimi, that when he start like numemon :P