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Friday, July 31, 2015

Digimon Adventure Festival's Eve Event Photos (Updated)

Feel free to check back this post on the blog, as we'll keep you update with the newest info and images in Digimon adventure Festival.

Digimon Adventure Tri BD/DVD info:
As Chapter one of the movie: "Reunion" to be release on November 21st (The movie will be playing in 10 different movie theaters across Japan for 3 weeks.)
,its Bluray, and DVD will release on December 18th.
Bluray will be 8000 Yen, and DVD will be 7000 Yen.
Tri First run bonus: Transparent Sleeve and Digipak drawn by Uki Atsuya, small movie pamphlet, liner notes, chapter 1 trailer.
The first chapter is confirmed to be 80 minutes long.

Limited BD will also be on sale in theater and the movie will be available on iTunes (Japanese only possibly)

In additional to that, Digimon Adventure 02 Bluray box will release on March 2nd, 2016.
Special edition: 59800 Yen, regular edition: 52800 Yen.
DA02 first run bonus: Jogress Phone case, design booklet(150 pages), original cloth poster(2, DA and DA02), transparent art box, 2 Digistack cases, special booklet, picture level.

Embedded image permalink
Cute Agumon as usual, and the pv of the new games Linkz and Next Order will be revealed as well!

Embedded image permalink
We can see another poster for tri!!

Besides Digivices from Anime, there is also Digimon Adventure and Pendulum! Does it mean that a remake will come out too??!

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  1. I guess this year's 8/1 could be one of the best for a Digimon fan--- Imagine, thrice the treat with Tri, Linkz and Next Order. I've seen those vintage statues of Taichi, Daisuke with their partners years ago, good thing BAMCO, Toei or whoever keeps them does a good job maintaining or preserving them.

  2. I wish you would post a better picture of the poster (tri. especially) on the stage. Then we'd be able to see the Chosen and their partners more clearly as we haven't yet seen the new character sketches of them, not counting Agumon.

    1. We're still trying to find better pictures as well lol.

    2. LOL. Thanks! Will wait for them.

  3. Yamato just sitting on Alphamon's lance. He doesn't give a shit.

    1. Not only that but he's also smiling while looking towards Alphamon. What the hell.

  4. It's my mind or in the first image says (at the end) what the 1st OVA was avaliable on iTunes too from 11/21?

    1. Sorry, second image, at gray pamphlet

    2. I saw that too. I'm hoping it's not only for Japan's iTunes. Definitely not subbed though..

    3. Digimon kinda goes on the Top 10 worst dubs of all times, though.
      Not disrespect, just mentioned it.

  5. On what world you're living ? just use Disqus already -_-" , anyway the Blu-ray release date made my week , only ONE month of waiting !!!! yea