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Monday, August 10, 2015

[Animedia] September Issue (Updated)

Scans credited to SCCHI

We will translate this interview if we have time.

Credited to 祈狸析怨

Yagami Hikari:
2nd year middle school student. It's because of her cute charm, she's really popular in her brother's soccer club. She loves ice cream. Her partner is Tailmon.

Takaishi Takeru:
2nd year middle school student. Very popular among girls in school. Due to his parents divorce, he lives separately from his brother Yamato, they both get along really well. His partner is Patamon.

Jou Kido:3rd year senior high school student. In order to pass his university entrance exam, he's been going to night school and studying really hard, but stress about his entrance exam and test results.
His Partner Digimon is Gomamon.

Tachikawa Mimi:
First year senior high school student. A really bright, and outgoing girl,  who's currently living in America. Her partner Digimon is Palmon.

Kouizumi Koushiro:
 First year senior high school student. Very good with computer, quickly grasps on situation, and strong analyzing skills. He has the side of him where he's really focus on what he's doing. His partner is Tentomon.

Ishida Yamato:
2nd year senior high school student. Even he's in his senior high school, he still continues with his band as base and vocalist. His partner Digimon is Gabumon.

Takenouchi Sora:
2nd year senior high school student. She's like a "big sister" among the Chosen Children. She's Taichi's classmate. Her partner Digimon is Piyomon.

Yagami Taichi:
2nd year senior high school student. Part of the school soccer club, who pratices really hard on soccer every day, lately he's been trying to decide on his future career. His partner Digimon is Agumon.

We will update this post when we receive better scans.

"Target" Nishizawa and VJump posted a video showing all of the latest Digimon goods.


  1. Can you translate from kanjis? There are lots of speculations about the content of that pages.

    1. What sorts of speculations? As far as I can understand, the translations are pretty accurate. I'm not Japanese but I do understand a little.

  2. "lately he's been trying to decide on his future career"

    Hmmm what will that mean :p

  3. You can see Mimi's pic (a bit blurry) here:

    It said that she's currently living in America?

    1. No.. it said that she has been living in America, but resides in Japan now....

    2. Thats not true. It say "現在は日本を離れて、アメリカで生活している。". That mean: "It left from Japan and now live in America".

  4. My english is not really good, but I think Mimi's profile said:
    "1nd year senior high school student. A bright and innocent girl. As of now, she left Japan and live in America. Her partner digimon is Palmon."

    So I think tri will start with her coming back to Japan and enter Taichi's high school.

  5. How is Sora standing on that bush?