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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[VJump] October Issue (Updated)

Scans credited to Bra-sensei

New Character: Hirose Kouta
He is in the same school as the protagonist.

Girl Protagonist: Shiki (Default name)
Able to choose gender.

Digital Monster will be a key in the story.

Digimon will have 4 different emotions.

The V-Tamer news is its digital version. More Info

Nothing new about tri.


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  2. It's a stretch, but the guy has Agumon and Gabumon, thus making it clear that at one point in the game, he will be partnered with Omegamon. So, the girl has Piyomon and Palmon. Any chances she would have a Jogress digimon that could be the same as Mimi and Sora having one in Tri?

    1. I never thought of that...that would be freaking amazing! I don't see Joe and Izzy together though...we sure need more evolutions *even more than the megas*

    2. Hmm I don't think it's will be like that because in the first Digimon World, the character had already the choice between Agumon and Gabumon ( depend on the time u wanted to play).
      I think that now we will got 2 choices: Gender and the time of day (day or night).
      So the male character got Agumon if u choose the day / Gabumon if u choose the night
      And the female character got Biyomon if u choose the day / Palmon if u choose the night.

    3. Well it is a long shot but if we would get it, it kinda make sense because those are also the digi mental combination of the 02 digidestined
      (Those are the English translations I know)

    4. Heraklekabuterimon + Plesiomon = Aegisdramon

    5. Ehhh it might fit, but I don't like this idea. No need to force others to have Jogress Evo. Omegamon is enough.

    6. Me neither but it is just speculation. They could just do the others getting their mega's but even if they don't that im fine with it

  3. I wonder what's that V-Tamer related stuff that was announced by its Manga-Ka that was to be unveiled in this month's V-Jump?

    1. maybe it's the same e-manga of V-Tamer announcement. On twitter, Yabuno only gave a sketch of his new art of celebrating V-Tamer

    2. oh, and as I'm looking at the scans, actually it's been written on there

    3. Guess it must be it. If so it is, I guess I can kiss any one shot or micro V-Tamer sequel manga series ala Tri. LOL.

  4. they already update the page with protagonist image :D