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Monday, September 21, 2015

Digimon Adventure Tri PV3 (Updated w/ Premier Info +translation)

Yamato: "Did you forget, Taichi? When we and Gabumon with the others fought and saved the digital world together?"
Taichi: “How could I possibility forget that?!”

Right now, a brand new adventure begins to turn.

Sora: “Also, Taichi hurry up and get going already! ” (This sentence translation is unknown, it can also be translate into “Also, Taichi why don’t you answer your phone?/ Why didn’t you say so earlier?”)

Hikari: “Hmn? Takeru-kun is pretty popular with girls huh.”
Takeru: “Not at all! She’s just a friend!”

The feeling that passes by each other, and then…

Jou: “That’s alright, it’s fine.  I have something to say as well.”

Mimi: “Is it because I have turned cuter, so your heart is going Doki Doki?”
Koushiro: “No, that’s not it!”
(I don’t know what's the correct English translation for the word "Doki Doki", but you all know what that word means.)

Maki: “There’s not enough information currently.”
Daigo: “If there’s a strong Digimon with infected virus appears, I may have to ask for your help again.”

Taichi: “Agumon, let’s stop this digimon’s rampage.”
Agumon: “Understood.”
Daigo: “I’m counting on you, the ‘Chosen Children’.”

Right now, the adventure is evolving once again


According to Tri's official twitter:

10/23: Advance premier 
10/25: Nico Nico special live cast.  


  1. Really? Not just a talkshow or festival like the Digifes2015?

  2. If it's same as gundam unicorn they probably will show first 10 minutes of movie then to be continued and something like that XD

    1. 10 minute just enough for Opening Theme "Butterfly tri. version" and a little introduction :v

  3. I have to comment first on the vocal acting on the PPV's:

    I must say the new seiyuus for the now teenaged Chosen Children did quite very well in portraying them in older sounding vocal styles of Toshiko Fujita, Yuuto Kazama etc.

    Did these PVs first surfaced in DA Tri's official site or somewhere else? IIRC, there was a 02 marathon airing scheduled sometime this week...

    1. It first released at the end of the marathon, then quickly been uploaded to Youtube.

    2. I see. Thanks for the info. But there is still that "big announcement" about this film to be unveiled this 26th aka coming Saturday, right?

    3. I am not sure of what are you talking about. The announcement from niconico ( is this new PV, I don't think there is anything else on 26th.

  4. To MT SAMA:

    Ooooh--- My bad. So it is actually the 21st. My sincerest apologies, I got my dates mixed up memory-wise (Due to intense RL matters and all.) Thanks for the clarification. ^^;;

  5. still wondering why Alphamon fighting with Omegamon and why the same clash between them occur in two different places ?