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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tri. Site Update Character & Story (Updated)

Yagami Taichi:
Second year Tsukishima General High school student. He's part of the soccer club, and practices it really hard every day. He's in the same class as Takenouchi Sora. During their adventure in the Digital World six years ago, he was active like a leader among the Chosen children. He has strong sense of justice, always single-minded, and straightforward just like he was in elementary school. Lately he's been stress thinking about his future career.

Taichi's partner Digimon. A reptile Digimon that can walk with two legs. He has a really easy-going persoanlity, but can turn serious when in danger or facing the enemy.  His attack is to spits out fireball from his mouth: Baby flame.

Ishida Yamato: 
Second year Tsukishima General High school student. He's in the class next to Taichi and Sora's. He may seem cold in his appearance, but he is actually always thinking for his friends, and a strong personality. His straight forward attitude often conflicts with Taichi's opinion.  He continues his band activity like he did since middle school as Bass and Vocal. Due to members' distance and difference in music idea, "TEEN-AGE WOLVES" was disbanded. He's been looking for new members to reform bands lately.

Yamato's partner Digimon. His body covers in Garurumon's fur, but he's actually a reptile Digimon just like Agumon. His attack is to use small ball of flame, Petit fire.

Takenouchi Sora
Second year Tsukishima General high school student, who's in Taichi's class and his childhood friend. Even she has her tomboy personality, she has the kind and considerate side of her, with strong sense of responsibility and often steps in to stop Taichi and Yamato fighting. She's like a "big sister" among the "Chosen Children".

Sora's partner Digimon. A bird digimon whose both of her wings have developed like arms.  Her attack is to use mirage flame: "Magical Fire"

Izumi Koushiro: 
First year Tsukishima General high school student. He knows computer and internet really well, and an intelligent and logical thinker type. He's very strong and fast adapt at understanding and analyze situations. He uses internet to communicate with the "Chosen Children" all around the world, he does have an active side of him(Physically). When he's very into gathering knowledge and information, he ignores everything around him.

Koushiro's partner Digimon. An insect Digimon with solid and firm shell and six limbs.  His attack is to release the static electricity from his wings: Petti Thunder. But he speaks in kansai ascent for some reason.

Tachikawa Mimi:
Bright and innocent personality. Although she has the side of my pace and selfish personality, she generally a kind person and being like by alot of people. She loves music and a really good singer, she also has really specific taste, influences by her parents. Due to her parents' job, they moved to America, now she's moving back to Japan. Her years of living oversea has Brighten  her innocence personality.

Mimi's partner Digimon. A plant digimon with a tropical flower on her head. Her attack is to extend her poison ivy: poison ivy.

Kido Jou:
He has substantial and serious personality. He's currently attending a higher up school as a 3rd year senior high school student, he's been studying , and trying to get into the medical program in university. It's not only trying to study for university entrance exam, he's also going to night school, but his grades aren't going up the way he wants it, which he begins to feel stress by it.

Jou's partner Digimon, a sea beast digimon who has warm skin and very good at swimming.
When he's angry, ths hair from his head to his back stands up straight. His attack is to  control fishes freely: Matching fish.

Takaishi Takeru:
Second year middle school student in Odaiba middle school. Due to his parents divorce, currently living separately from his older brother Yamato, both of them get along really well, and often contact each other. Just like Koushiro, he connects with the "Chosen Children" all around the world using blog.

Takeru's partner Digimon, a mammal Digimon with unique big ears. His attack is to inhale air in to his mouth and splits out all at once: Air Shot

Yagami Hikari:
Taichi's younger sister, 2nd year Odaiba middle school. She's always thinking and worries about her brother,  even she has a kind personality, she also has a very adamant and strong side of her. She likes sweet, lately her favorite has been the ice cream in the convenient store. She continues her hobby as photographer, which she started to do in elementary school.

Hikari's Partner Digimon, a beast type digimon with the look of a cat. Her attack is to use her long sharp claw to attack enemy: Neko Punch.







今、再び 冒険が进化する―

It's been six years since Taichi Yagami, and the "Chosen Children",
who went on a summer adventure in the parallel world: "Digital World".
Then, three years has passed after Hikari Yagami and their final battle with Belial Vamdemon.

Follow by peaceful days, the gate of Digital World closes without knowing , 
The chosen children doesn't know the reason, as the time continues to pass...

Then one day, Kuwagamon suddenly appears in the street of Odaiba.
It went on a rampage, and destroys the street, creates chaos to the citizens.
Taichi who saw Kuwagamon , chases after it by himself in order to stop this rampage.
But, as he's facing against Kuwagamon, 
he doesn't know what to do to stop it. 

"No... I can't do any of this on my own..."

As Kuwagamon roars and gets closer to Taichi,
his divice begins to shine in large bright light.
"Taichi, You've grown up!"
Along with the nostalgic voice, the story begins to turn once again!

Taichi Yagami, 17 years old,  Senior high school.
Right now, Adventure is evolving once again.

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  1. And we now have proof that 02 is canon XD Rejoice!