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Thursday, October 22, 2015

[Tri] Advance Premier (updated)

As previous post mention, right now in Japan is the advance premier for Tri.
Those lucky people who got pick to go watch the movie one month in advance.
Twitter User @Nadja_Mon has taken several pictures of what the advance premier looks like.

Not sure if they are releasing individual cellphone strap of each chosen children have. XD
The pink one with Monzemon is Mimi's cellphone, and the white one with butterfly is Sora's, and the blue one is Taichi's.


The 3rd set of Digi-colle which will release on March 2016, preorder will start in November.

Just a reminder there will be a special boardcast on Nico Nico on the 25th JST for Tri, and will have new info about the movie. And yes.. it's limited to japan region only...

If you can't tell by my tone or from my twitter, I'm really jelly at those who get to watch advance premier.
Not sure if they will post spoiler but yah...


  1. I am jelly as heck as well. ;_-

    Spoilers are a possibility. Expect some inquiries like if Daisuke or any of the 02 quartet will debut in "Reunion."

  2. Luckers! But dammit, if they put any spoilers on the Internet, I won't be able to resist reading them! I need to strengthen my mind to be able to avoid them.

  3. I wonder if KOD (Knife of Day) is the new band Yamato's in. If it is I would totally buy that shirt.

    I also like they are selling the children's cellphone charms I especially like Sora's. I only wonder what is that stripe thing and whose charmsnare the rubber duck and thunder.