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Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Tri] Special live boardcast (contain spoiler)

During today's live boardcast they revealed the first few minutes of the movie.
Read this post for your own sake.
It contains major spoilers.

For now, some new goods were revealed, they will open a Animated Cafe and a limited time Digimon shop in Marui. All of these item apparently will be lottery base...
And there will be a stage play?

2nd batch of Preorder of Digivice (the one with Taichi's keychain strap bundle) comes with an illustration.

 Animate campaign for Digimon related products.

Below is a few screen crop of the first few minutes of the movie.
Read at your own choice.  I have put the images very far down, so if you don't wait spoiler, you don't read that even you open this post.

It explains why the 02 kids aren't appearing.
Daisuke, Miyako, Inori and Ken were defeated by what it seems to be appear as Alphamon.
All images are arranged in screening order. (Sorta, I tried)
It shows the first part of Butterfly Tri version, Taichi's alarm clock, the group picture, Hikari wakes him up, and Taichi puts a Digivice in his back pocket when he's getting ready to leave, as rides his bike to school and looks at the morning scenery of Odaiba.


  1. damnnnnnnn hype2 hype no wonder someone said its beutiful its really beautiful animation damnn cant wait if they release the b-ray :D arghhh

  2. I hope they're okay. It must have been very painful.

  3. *spoiler*?

    It looks like Davis/Daisuke is wearing different goggles then the ones Tai(chi) gave him. If you look at the shape of the goggles they look more edgie the a complete circle

  4. what lottery base? u.u
    I want that merchandise, some form of purchase?

  5. What the f... is "demyuuru gosth"? :(

  6. Wow... Sad case, man. But since 02 is confirmed canon it's just some time before they reappear. Can't wait for that to happen.