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Friday, January 15, 2016

[Nico Nico Tokuban] Chapter 3: Kokuhaku/Confession

Too focus on the PV, I couldn't screen cap. If anyone else screen cap it i'll post it here.
This special on nico nico revealed a brief trailer of Chapter 2 Ketsui with sneak peak of Rosemon, Vikemon, and Impredrialdramon, as well as a mysterious man.

Then, later screen says:
"Then a new story..."
Shows Patamon waves and says "Good bye Takeru."
As Takeru screams after Patamon.

Chapter 3, 告白/Kokuhaku/Confession will release in Summer 2016.

Special thanks to Ong Khai Shen for the picture

Pic took from replay and the ones with signature at the button are from weibo or my group chat.
Credit this if you are making a repost the imageon your own tumblr or something. Thanks.

02 Bluray Jogress Edition.

"The left over trace."

(Forgot the order on those)

"New thread"

"The clash of comrades/friends"

"And, a new deployment in the story..."


"Good bye, Takeru."


Chapter 3: "Confession", Summer 2016.



  2. PV from the official channel:

  3. Are they sending the 3rd chapter some between the summer? That's sucks!?

    1. I'm thinking on Odaiba day August 1, 2016. Just my guess though.

  4. If chapter 3 features Takeru (and Hikari, maybe) it would be an awesome idea for Bandai to release the Green and Pink D-3 Digivices. I wish there was a way to contact Premuim Bandai :p

    1. I agree with you 100000000000%. I want Takeru's D-3.

  5. Good 'ol Ogremon v Leomon chivalry :)

    Leomon has been reborn HYPE!!!!! Wonder how long it'll take for him to die this season... (Really hope that whole thing wasn't just a flashback.)

    Anyone else getting emperor vibes from that new guy? With imperialdramon as the main villain of the chapter, it wouldn't be too far fetched to guess Ken has returned to his evil alias after influence from Alphamon....

    1. Somehow that new guy has te clothes of the kaiser and the hair of taichi.... Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  6. Replies
    1. Thats what I thought at first, but maybe its just the serious voice of Koushiro...

    2. Now that you mention it, you're right...
      The voice sounds very similar

  7. Isn't that Digimon Kaiser??? O.o
    I believe somehow Ken become his evil persona once again and instead of evolving Paildramon to Imperialdramon, he evolves Paildramon into BlackImperialdramon.
    However, it would be a great plot twist if Daisuke is the one who become the new Kaiser ^__^

    1. You work so hard, staff at Bokutachi no Digital World. Thanks for the latest news. It should be an exciting Spring and Summer for Digimon fans everywhere this year. #GoDigimon!!