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Thursday, January 7, 2016

[Otomedia/Animedia] February issue (Updated w/ Clear Scans)

New pin up drawing features in the magazine.
This month's magazine includes the roundtable talk about the casual clothes design with the series director, series compositor, and scenario person.
In addition producer Arai's valentines day comment.
And includes a manga of the premier report ?

Scans credited to SCCHI


Here's the Animedia mag translations.
It's the one with Everyone in swim suit picture.

Producer Haruki Murakami's message on Chapter 2:

The second chapter "Determination" will focus on Mimi and Jou. Since Jou didn't really participate in battle on Chapter 1, the story will revolved around him who's trying to overcome his inner problem(Between entrance exam and being one of the "Chosen Children"). While in Chapter 2, it'll also illustrate the change on Mimi who's returned back to Japan. Chapter 2's main visual will be the first appearance in the anime of Mimi's Partner, Palmon's Ultimate level: Rozemon, and Jou's partner Gomamon's  Ultimate Level: Vikemon. The ultimate evolution of Digimon's partner occur from the mature of their partner, and new realization. Specially with Mimi, who's always so free-spirit, surprisingly there's a tender side of her, therefore audiences will strongly feel the growth of Mimi in Chapter two.

This month's pin up is the girls in their swim suit, trying to make Valentines day Chocolate.
(Keep in mind this is just special interview, not necessary appear in the Anime)

The girls in "The Chosen Children" are gathering together as they are preparing for "Chocolate party?"
Such as wearing swim suit to bake cakes, Mimi who just return from oversea surely is courageous to do this! 

Both Mimi and Sora are making friendship chocolate for the boys in "The Chosen Children".
Hikari will make Giri(Obligation) chocolate for her dear brother, and she makes it every year. (Basically means you make chocolate for someone you don't have romantic feelings for.)
Meiko will make chocolate for Meicoomon.

Mimi and Sora really like special and lively events, therefore instead of  making chocolate for the guys they like, they prefer to share and celebrate with everyone, and try out different kind of chocolate.
In chapter one, Mimi gave unique taste gummy candy to the Digimon, this time she found all the unique chocolate from around the world. Therefore she wants to host a chocolate party. (From  Producer Haruki Murakami.)
As they call the boys over, and curios about their reaction about it. Within the limit of "The Chosen Children", the girls don't seen to plan on give Honmei chocolate to any of them. Since Jou who has a girl friend, so he might receive his honmei chocolate from her.
Perhaps they are childhood friends, instead of love, they treasure more on their friendship with each other. 


  1. When do we see the girls in their swimsuit?

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  3. I Wish the Chosen Children return to the Digital World at last :3

    1. We still have a few movies left haha, I think we may see it happen in the third movie or maybe we see them leaving for the the digital world at the end of the third movie

  4. Will you guys be translating the Otomedia scans as well? They probably hold some baiting for fans.