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Friday, March 11, 2016

Chapter 3: Kokuhaku to release in Theater in September

Chapter 3 Kokuhaku: Confession to be release in Theater on September 24th.

Updated: Tokomon is in the cover of Chapter 3.
From a friend who’s in special CV event, this post will update if provided more info.And no photo so the person can’t provide the image.

Update again:
Someone did snap a photo LOL Photo is someone took it and post it in Weibo.Keep in mind photo is not allow in this theater, therefore whoever is unknown.
NOTE:  IT'S NOT my friend, they don't do these things. 
According to that weibo page, it says the chapter 3 is a sorrow story.


  1. Soooo Koushirou, Takeru and....... Meicoomon?

    1. Spoiler

      But yes thats indeed Meicoomon

    2. Meicoomon ultimate stage!? o_O

    3. If I would answer that question I would spoil the movie, so I suggest you would go watch the movie yourself first. (on kissanime for example).

  2. I thought that the 3rd movie might involve more of Sora and Kosuhiro given the nature of the 1st 2 movies to focus on 2 digidestined per movie but I was wrong

    Seems like going towards 02 way (like Knowledge + Hope = Shakkoumon , Love + Light = Silphymon) So like maybe the 4th movie might be about Sora and Hikari. Again I may be wrong but again the die hard Taiora fan inside me wishes to see atleast a proper conclusion Sora and Taichi's relationship.

    1. well at least taichi more mature than yamato
      well not that i hate yamato
      and i vote for taiora myself

    2. I don't hate Yamato too, it's just that Sorato makes no sense to me. The logic Sorato was based on makes no sense to me. I understand it, and respect it, but it's more of a... You know, it feels kind of a lame excuse. Even though Taiora seemed canon in the dub, the original zero two never implied that Taiora was a thing, which means that Sorato won, because Taiora was never in in the first place. But that doesn't mean we can't ship Taiora anymore, I mean look at Takari (another personal favorite) was never canon, but I believe it is the most shipped couple in the Digimon fandom (personal opinion). I believe this got off-topic so, No, Taiora doesn't suck, you suck! -sorry, not sorry-

  3. The Digimon who is in the cover of Chapter 3 is not Tokomon. He is Patamon, isn't he?

  4. So, by this picture maybe Patamon won´t evolve to Seraphimon to fight Meikumon :o at least we are finally getting Heraklekabuterimon <3 while Tri has given an awful lot of questions, is awesomely intriguing :)

    1. Can I ask which questions your talking about :p?