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Sunday, March 6, 2016

[PSVita] New game updates on Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Info Weibo/Fanmitsu:
Cyber Sleuth on both PS4 and PSvita will perform a new update globally on March 10th to include new Digimon forms as following:
Saver fans shall enjoy this :)


  1. now we just need X version digimon and it will be golden

  2. OMG valkyriemon!!! arghhh i cant!

    1. FREAKING THE BEST THE BEST DIGIMON DEVELOPER WE EVER HAD IN THIS DECADE!!! going far to release this digimon without making announcement OMG! OMG OMG OMG

  3. I love burst modes of digimon savers!

  4. Wonderful! :) I'd also love to see Ogudomon since the 7 Demon Lords are already in the game ><

  5. OMG!!
    Finally! After being left out in Re:Digitize (kinda fair i guess) Re:Digitize Decode (this time i couldn't understand since there's a ton of X-antibodied Digimon and there's Paladin Mode, and also with WarGreyX, Omegamon, and OmegamonX on Greymon line, it kinda make GeoGreymon useless compared to it), and Cyber Sleuth (why just WHY??), the Burst Mode is in again!
    I guess this is the first time the Burst Modes got a 3D model in an official game (DMO doesn't count), oh and i love how they make ShineBM's wing and sword color different, just like in anime (not like in Digimon Story series). And why does MirageBM's Luna Hook Slasher blue?
    If only they add BanchouLeomonBM, ShineGreymonRM and Agumon's BM, that would be complete.

    Man, i swear after i graduate from college and get job, i'll buy PSVita, Vita TV and this game.

    1. EDIT: Now i just read it, it's an update of Cyber Sleuth? not Next Order? Man this is amazing! Maybe Crimson Mode, Susanoomon, OmegamonX, ALphamon Ouryuken, and other mode changes could be added later too.

  6. Hello guys! Do you know by any chance what is all this about?