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Friday, April 8, 2016

Thank you for all of your hardwork, Wada Kouji

According to SolidVox's twitter's tweet. Wada Kouji passed away on April 3rd (Age 42)
As we all know, Wada Kouji played many important role in the Digimon Series.
He sungs most of the songs, specially opening and ending theme.
Ketsui/Determination's ending theme: "Seven ~ Tri Version ~" was the last song he sung...

Thank you for all of your hard work Wada-san.
Rest in peace.


  1. Please tell me it's some sort of cruel joke.
    Oh god, no... I don't want to believe.

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  4. He was so young... R.I.P. man.

  5. Wada-san... Thank you so much for leaving us with Butter-fly and Seven... You... *sniff* will be missed. *Raises digivice*

  6. Both shocking and a very sad development, a sad day for Digimon fans with his passing.

    I can only express condolences to fellow Digimon fans, his family and his closest friends in this time of grieving. Nonetheless, his legacy will live on through his works, as well as through Digimon. He will definitely be missed and fondly remembered throughout the remaining chapters of Tri. It would be, alas, not the same journey anymore now that he's no longer with us.

  7. This is a huge shock. His songs played a huge role in my life. After his mini album Re-Fly (which I loved), I thought he could finally put cancer behind him and focus on making more music again. Sadly though, we received the worst possible news. I'll be forever grateful for his music, which I will listen to forever. Rest in peace.

  8. No words. This buffeted the Digimon fans. May Wada Kouji rest in peace.

  9. Wow, I can't believe it. I really thought he was winning the fight against cancer... So sad. YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED.

  10. I still hoping that yesterday was 1st April. It still made me shocked. I read this news just after I listened to his tri. version of Seven. No more trying to be free, you are completely free now.
    This morning i saw a butterfly, i hoped that was you watching over us just like Oikawa did.

  11. RIP Wada Kouji-san...
    Thank you for making my childhood happy with Digimon songs...