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Thursday, April 28, 2016

[Tri] Kokuhaku introduction

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Chapter 3: Kokuhaku / Confession 

Taichi and co can't hide their tremble with Meicoomon ' s sudden change, who disappear to the other side of the distortion after killed off Leomon.

"If Meicoomon was infected, must find the cause. Was there any sign? When was it infected?"
Even though with over imaging/analyzing the situation, Koushiro is agonizing with looking for countermeasure to this.

However without any effective method, he asks Meiko to get some information.
"Please try to remember. I need the information to stop the reason of the infecting."
And Meiko couldn't  answer.

In order to prevent infecting, Agumon and co are isolated from each other in Koushiro's office, but Patamon begins to show signs of infecting...
At the same time,  they hear Hikari's voice and informed the biggest secret related to the Digital world.

"The time... is near..."

Then Meicoomon appears again and during the battle, the "time" has come.
Taichi and co understands the secrets and feels anguish.
While each of their feelings are crossed, they make certain determination.
"If we wait for that some day, in blink of eye we will become an adult."
今、再び 冒険が進化する―
Right now, once again adventure is evolving.

Special thanks to reiji for the info 
(If this translation has error or if you have better wording, please let me know thanks.)


  1. Kokuhaku will be so awesome! Thanks for the translation ;).

  2. Off-topic(my apologies): With what just sadly happened at the very first week of this month, never has the "Butterfly" OP been very precious.

    Things seems to be taking for the worse. Patamon infected, as if his death years ago during the final battle with Devimon hurt Takeru a lot. This time, a possible fate worse than death could hurt more.

    Hopefully more can be known behind Himekawa too--- She, Mei and Meicoomon may have a connected past.

  3. Hi, thx for the translation, it is great.
    One question, is there any hint that shows that the digidestined will go to the digiworld soon? :D

    1. At least someone who wonders about that too :3