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Thursday, June 9, 2016

3DS Game "Applimonsters Cyber Arena" to be released in Japan later in 2016!

This informational trailer about the Appli Drive [Digivice] and Appmon chips also revealed that a new 3DS game will be released later this year in Japan! [Skip to 3 minutes into the video to see this segment]. The Appmon chips work with the 3DS game via QR codes. No info on any other region release.
The video also explains modes of combining that are used in the Appli Drive;
-App-Link: Involves two Appmon combining by linking their tails/cords together to power-up. The example shows Gatchamon and Dokamon using this technique to become "Gatchamon Plus Dokamon"
-App-Gattai: Involves two Appmon combining together to create a new and stronger form. The example shows Gatchamon and Dokamon becoming "DoGatchamon"


  1. I hope the game will come to the west but I must say that they wasted a golden opportunity by using those chips as qr codes instead of nfc/amiibo like chips

  2. I just can't get excited with this (apparently) shamelessly (and heavily) cashgrab-oriented take on the franchise anymore. If it was just named Appmon/AppliMonsters, this could've been easily mistaken for a knockoff of Digimon made by the same parent companies. Heck, maybe not even a knockoff of Digimon, but more specifically Digimon Xros Wars, judging by aesthetics and concepts.

    1. You don't have too, I'm pretty sure this is more for new audience. We have Tri, and I'm more then pleased with those movies.

    2. You don't have too, I'm pretty sure this is more for new audience. We have Tri, and I'm more then pleased with those movies.

  3. So many new Digimon(appmons) introduced this generation!!
    I know levels probably ain't a factor here just as in xros, but have to say most of them look like rookie(child) levels. Would love to see them introduce some form of normal evolution.

    This is great though, had someone told me a month ago we would get a new anime + games already in 2016 at the same time as Tri is going on i'd never dare believe it!

    So happy to see that Digimon is still such a strong franchise having so many projects happening at once. And if it turns out to be no good, we still 3 fourths of Tri to look forward to ^^

    It's great to be a Digimon fan these days :D

    1. I know right after savers we didn't have anything for 4 years (?) and it wasn't really looking that great but now we have awesome movies new series,games, figures etc.

    2. Yeah! Been so many scary periods of digimon fandom, which makes it so much more rewarding when it comes back again and again. Hype is real!