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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Digimon Universe Applimon - Merchandise!

Fresh from the Tokyo Toy Show!

The official Youtube channel for Digimon Universe Appmon is live!

Digimon Carddass AR TCG & Game Trailer:

Posted by @digimon_info on Twitter:
More views of the Arcade game, Carddass cards & Gashapon sets;
-Data Carddass Appli Monsters [AR TCG & Arcade Game]
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Card Game
-Various Digimon Gashapon [vending machine toy] sets

Photos of the Appli Drive [Digivice], Appmon Chips & accessories.

Appmon Band & Appmon Chips
The Appmon chips feature new Applimon such as Weathermon, Mailmon, Cameramon, Reviewmon, Dougamon and Watchmon!

Appmon Figures;
+Joint figures [that can combine]
Action Figures: Gatchamon, Dogamon, DoGachamon, Hackkmon, Musimon, and Raidramon [*left to right]

Posted by @V_Jump:

Agumon & Gachamon mascots!


  1. Oh well... As expected... (If it wasn't blatantly obvious at this point) It's basically a second attempt at the formula that was used for Xros Wars. Just with increased gimmicky value.

    1. IIRC Xros Wars merchandise was quite successful, that's why they're the second series to get more than 54 episodes. It's just the anime that isn't successful rating-wise. Though i still don't know why they don't have merch for Hunters.

    2. because before hunter out they already start to pull out xross wars merchandise bit by bit....

    3. because before hunter out they already start to pull out xross wars merchandise bit by bit....

    4. It absolutely baffles me that Toei STILL hasn't learned from the utter failure that was Xros Wars/Hunters. Not to mention they're still aiming for a young child demographic that has all but fizzled out in Japan, especially when the money has obviously been in it's older fanbase. Tri did pretty damn well at the Japanese box office, and even Cyber Sleuth almost outsold Pokken Tournament. It's clear aliening it's fanbase is only going to further damage the franchise in the long run.

      Oh yeah and ripping off Veemon's design for a third time AND needlessly changing Huckmon's design? What in God's name are you doing Toei?

  2. Dokamon would be my main. He's cute.

  3. Where will the Appli Drivers be sold?