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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Digimon Universe: Appmonster info reveal (Updated)

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TV Anime PV:
PV translation as followed:

We didn't know... their exsistance...
This Autumn

A brand new story...
is starting

The Artificial intelligent that's hidden in the smart phone

The numbers of monsters are limited to the numbers of apps on the smartphone.
 AKA "Appmon".
They are born in between the Real World and Digital Space for the sake of the system and human.
They are prepared as “App Life form” artificial intelligent , with minds of their own.
They live like an app, and hidden within the network.
In real world, to summon Appmon, you use Appli-drive, you can summon and realized it in the real world.
This story’s protagonist is Shinkai Haru, 13 years old, First year Junior high school.
A protagonist with calm and kind personality.
He makes firm decisions, and opinion, has a side of strong heart.
He loves reading, he’s always been looking to be a protagonist in a story.
One day, a sudden wild rampage incident leads him an Appli-drive.
Are you the protagonist?
Then their fates appear, a Search applimonster, Gatchamon.
Haru and Gatchamon becomes buddy,  inorder to erase the virus they started their battles with appmons.
“Am I really becoming a Protagonist?!”
Then they meet more comrades that have their pairing with Applimonsters, to save the world and discover new mysteries.
Appmons can evolve through fusion.
Pair with Appmons, to “super-Appmon”!
Then a new evolution, “App-fuse!”
With great development, starts a brand new story.
Octorber, 2016, TV anime start!

Gatchamon: “Let’s search for your future!”

Toy & 3DS Game PV:

Data Carddass Appmon


Reidramon figure

Series director: Koga Gou (Known for Doki Doki pretty cure, One piece Sabo episode) 
Series compositor: Kato Yoichi (Known for: Yokai Watch and Aikatsu)
Character Design: Onuki Kenichi (Known for Gundam Build Fighters, and character design director for Gundam: Iron-Blood Orphans)

Main Cast:
Shinkai Haru:Yumi Uchiyama
Gatchamon: Kokoro Kikuchi 
Appli-Drive/App Drive: Wataru Takagi

Tokyo Toy show updates:
Due to images may be from different sources, instead of making a list, I'm just going to put clickable links on these images.

TV Anime will air in Octorber on TV Tokyo channel.


  1. One Tamer only and looks like a yu gi oh duelist, and they don't look like digimon at all, I miss the old digimon designs,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I also prefer old Digimon designs so far.

    3. True...
      And character has same Digimon Xross Wars. Design like a Gundam, because Designer for Gundam too.

  2. Good! At last something that feels like Digimon, not a Human focused drama...

  3. Agree , the trainer look annoying with those stupid green hair .

  4. For those who complained that it's not digimon anymore, isn't that obvious enough? They're Appmon, not Digimon

  5. nice! it's confirm that search appmon is my fav new digimon! i already expect this people gonna complain.... seems it's a new device using "icon" to slot in... pretty bad design to me... but we will see...either way im hype new digimon series!! thank god!!

  6. Search appmon reminds me of Shoutmon. Glove appmon of Gumdramon. Music appmon of Gizamon. And that green hair has to change.

    1. That music Appmon has a Sparrowmon vibe to it.

  7. If you zoom in on the top pic u can see two cards under the appmons and tamer, one of them really looks like an evolution of googleappmon :p

    The I dunno bout, but looks badass!!

  8. guy is called Hackmon....yea...there won't be any confusion here...not at all

  9. guy is called Hackmon....yea...there won't be any confusion here...not at all

  10. So they just renamed "digi-fuse/digi xros" to "app-fuse" and look we have another new evolution method. They ahould really drop this xros/fusion thingy..

  11. The new anime looks awesome!!! Looking forward to October 2016 for English subs!! :D

  12. I didn't hear the word "Digimon" in the PV. I think that Appmon will become a new franchise.

  13. They need to stop changing the digimon mechanics and universe every other year. I want a Digimon Go app. Thats all. No cards, xross fusion, gundam , bey blade characters...