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Friday, June 10, 2016

Meicoomon's perfect form and name revealed.

Info baidu/weibo, wikimon 
Meicoomon's evolution was revealed in the end of chapter 2 Ketsui.
Followed by today's new release of new DLC for Next Order, the name of the new evolution is メイクラックモン/Meikurakkumon  (wikimon says it's "Meicrackmon".)
The only thing that's revealed is the attack "Beresk Thinking", and it can evolve to Mastemon or Ophanimon.
Everything else is still unknown on the data base.


  1. Will you post the information about Meikoomon that has been given in the game?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If you're willing to get Adventure tri. spoiled, I can. Without spoiling tri., but spoiling -next 0rder-, I can say 2 things:

      1. This is the same Meicoomon from tri.

      2. At the end of the quest, due to have had contact with Luche, an alternate version of Meicoomon is born, and that version chooses to stay in the -next 0rder- world, while the original one returned to the Adventure world.

  2. DIGIMON is so much better than Appmon...

  3. I'm sorry, but Meicrackmon (dumb name) just looks like some emo pussy Digimon with that "hair". Meh.