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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Digimon Adventure FEST 2016 overview

It's the 17th anniversary of the Odaiba Memorial Day!
Happy Odaiba day!

Since the other post is getting too lengthy, I decided to make a new post about this.
Edgeline Tokyo made two articles about this event, and as well as my friend who went to the event gives a summary what the event was like.
Since there's going to be a bluray and DVD release. According to info on amazon:
Now also available to order on CDjapan [1][2]

Both Bluray and DVD are available to purchase. 
It comes with special illustration sleeve case, and a special leaflet.
 Amazon has special limited edition that comes with an original  mini clear pocket, no image is shown. yet.

Click read more if you want to know full details of what's in the live show event this year. It also contain spoilers for Chapter 3. And no 02 kids were mention if you are wondering.

Edgeline posted pic and comments from the guest performs in the show.

The following pic are from my friend who attended the event, they gave him flyers and a circular fan (It may looks like it, but it's not a CD! lol)  in a regular clear plastic bag. (It's all advertisements) 
(Please do not reupload these pic for your own account. And please credit Nuclust and this blog)

These was his summary of the event.
  • Played the music of Butterfly
  • Miyazaki singing Brave heart
  • then some talking, 
  • Played the PV on the up-coming ending theme by Knife of Day "Boku ni totte." and also a brand new PV for Chapter 3.Our convo got abit messy so I'm confused what he meant by which PV. But he mentioned there was a scene with AtlurKabuterimon fighting Meicrackmon, and AtlurKabuterimon said he will not let Meicrackmon escaped. There was also a scene they show the lake where the bus is , seems like they are in the digital world.
    (FYI: The lake and the  special bus they spent the first night in digital world, where Garurumon evolved. Also the same bus that took them back to the Human World)
  • Appmon commercial. 
  • The voice actors played a special mini-drama/skit, about them going to beach BBQ.
  • Then concert:Beat Hit, Break up!, I wish
  • An endless tale (As shown in the pic, they play the record of Wada's voice, and has a mic on the side beside her , as they are singing together)
  • Then Miyazaki Ayumi and AiM sung all the Digimon Openings by Wada with the crowd : The Biggest Dreamer, Target ~ Akai Shougeki ~, Hirari, Fire!!.
  • Remembrance of Mizutani-san by AiM
  • Remembrance of Wada by Miyazaki and AiM
  • Miyazaki and AiM singing Seven
  • Remember Wada and Mizutani 
  • All staff are singing Butterfly with the crowd and concludes the event.
Once again special thanks for the coverage Nuclust :) 
Everybody, the staff and attendees, Otsukare sama. It sure seems to be a great event! 
I look forward to watch this when it releases in Bluray :)


  1. T.T what a beautiful event for remembering wada and mizutani T.T

  2. the more i read,the more tear of jeolous of the people can go there in my eye :'(

  3. So, if there were really a scene where the kids end up in the digital world,then that means the event showed the audiences a brand new pv right? So it's different from the 30 secs CM that we got right? Is there any announcement about when will get the pv?? I'm dying to know DX

  4. Thank you for all the effort put into this! Much appreciated :)

  5. I cry when AiM and Kouji Wada - san voice singing An endless tale together...

    Eventhough I do not know what exactly AiM say since I have a tiny knowledge of Japanese language but in the end I cry throughout An Endless Tale song remembering how it will be if on this event Wada Kouji san still alive and attend this event...

    Oh wait, I cry again...