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Monday, August 8, 2016

Who is this mysterious man ?

Who is this mysterious man??
We will find out in chapter 3.
The magazine(I assume it's Animedia?) Teases.


  1. wew Ken suddenly had emotion O.o

  2. Here's my theory: Osamu Ichijouji

    1. In my doujinshi Osamu Ichijouji is alive ... maybe is possible

    2. Obviously I have my own theories to back up my reasoning.
      Digital World was granting the digivice originally to Osamu, not Ken, right? Then he died. Since the digital world didn't have much data on him, and Ken was the one using his digivice, they assumed that Ken is Osamu.
      Then, a few years passed and Ken was using this digivice with the alternate version of him, which the digital world was still assuming as Osamu, and then he Wormmon died and he reverted to his proper self, which the digital world assumed as a new entity, thus him getting the crest of Kindness.
      Now, the data on Osamu from the digital world hasn't been removed because reasons, and Digital world constructed Osamu back from the data obtained from Emperor Ken. But he's just a digital entity thus explaining the old Kaizer's clothes.

      Either that or Ken was captured and reverted back to Kaizer due to virus etc.

    3. I thought the Digivice was originally meant for Ken all along, and Osamu had just assumed it was for him? (You have to take the events of Tag Tamers into account, too, since that game is part of 02's canon... except when it... isn't? Continuity!)
      If this guy IS somehow Osamu (which I've considered too), I was thinking he might be a remnant of Ken's vision from the second-to-last episode of 02?'s a stretch, but weirder things have happened in Digimon :P
      My *real* theory, though, is that Ken's Dark Spore/Seed was somehow infected with the virus. It IS digital after all, and who's to say that the virus only infects Digimon? ...I actually haven't seen anyone else who shares this theory until I read your comment (unless I'm interpreting wrong? whoops), even though it makes the most sense to me.
      I guess it all boils down to whether this whole "WHO COULD THIS GUY POSSIBLY BE" thing is just Toei trying to build up fake hype (...I kind of remember a commercial for 02 doing the same when the dub was first airing), or if it's actually NOT him and everyone namedropping Ken at the end of "Determination" was just a red herring.
      WOW this is long whoops

    4. Minor differences here and there, I'd say your theory and mine are mostly similar. Glad to see somebody actually replying to my theory nicely without bashing it for once.

      Anywho, the dark spore could've also relate to the identity of this mysterious man. I don't think it's Ken, that's for sure. Though he looks like Taichi, I think he isn't either.

      I hope this guy plays a major role in the series and not just some fake hype like your theory :D

      But if this guy is actually either Ken or Taichi they better have a good reason as to why.

    5. (same anon again)
      Actually, after I posted that I remembered something else that's been bugging me... How exactly was Himekawa able to recognize Ken? (Or... mistake whoever this is for Ken? I guess who he really is isn't important here.) Not only was he REALLY far away, but Ken looks COMPLETELY different as the Digimon Kaiser-- remember in 02, how nobody knew who he was until his glasses were knocked off? So how was she able to make that connection? How would she know what Ken looked like as the Kaiser back then? ...I'm not sure if this is an actual clue or just a plot hole, lol
      And I dunno man, have YOU ever seen this guy and Taichi in the same room? :P (Wait... have we? ...I need to rewatch part 2)

    6. Eh? When did she identify that? I don't quite remember. Mind helping me recall?

      Since you brought up Himekawa, I'd like to as well. Did you notice that slight grin of hers when Meicoomon was about to kill Leomon? I think it's undeniable that she's involved in this event, either good or bad I'm unsure.

      Ken does look worlds apart to his Kaizer form, though. No one but the Chosen children should know about that.

      By 'this guy', do you mean Ken and Taichi?

  3. Really...? But, if they pull a doppelganger and explain the real Ken is captive and all...

  4. A black Taichi, like Dragon Ball Super Black Goku? lol

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. He looks less and less like Ken and more and more like Taichi.

    Interesting. I wonder if Hackmon did that on purpose...?

  7. I dunno, but definetely I know who is her waifu:

  8. Everybody who says that it's Taichi clearly are stupid as fuck... It's Ken