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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[Applimonster] OPED, first episode live stream...general updates

Varied of Applimonster info update.
As the TV anime will air on tv soon, more infos are being reveal.

How do you watch Applimonster?
The offical site has announced limited time stream for Applimonster on their youtube channel, likely it's region lock like their trailers.

TV-Tokyo's program schedule revealed the title , and the official Applimonster site put a brief summary of the first episode.



Eposide 1: "Gatchmon appears!"

Teen protagonist: Shinkai Haru (1st Year Junior high) gets "The Appli-drive" which only the chosen one can get, meets Search Appmonster: Gatchmon. Haru pairs up and become Buddy with Gatchmon, inserts "Appmon chip" into "Appdrive" to let Gatchmon appears in the Real world, AKA "App-realize", and stand up against enemy Appmon.

OP and ED titles are also revealed:

"DiVE!!" by Amatsuki

“Aoihono shindoroomu/Blue flame Syndrome” by Riho Iida.
The CD for this song is also announced to be release on December 14th.
This CD will contains different editions, First press, limited release, and limited  DVD A, B, C.
The title of the 2nd song is still TBA. According to the list, regular release of the CD will contain another language version of the song (Which also yet TBA).
The DVDs contains music videos and the process of making this MV. As well as first part and 2nd part of her concert Tour in Akasaka BLITZ. 

Temporary track list:

初回限定盤A~C CD
01. 青い炎シンドローム
02. タイトル未定
03. 青い炎シンドローム(inst.)
04. タイトル未定(inst.)

通常盤 CD
01. 青い炎シンドローム
02. タイトル未定
03. 青い炎シンドローム(外国語ver.)
04. 青い炎シンドローム(inst.)
05. タイトル未定(inst.)
06. 青い炎シンドローム(外国語ver.inst.)

初回限定盤A DVD
・「tour of KSS3」@赤坂BLITZ 2016.04.16ライブ前編

初回限定盤B DVD
・「tour of KSS3」@赤坂BLITZ 2016.04.16ライブ後編

初回限定盤C DVD
・「青い炎シンドローム」(Music Video)+メイキング映像


They hosted an advance premier for the first episode on September 26th.
It annouced the two famous youtube host Hikakin and Seikin will appear in the Anime. HIKAKIN will make his debut as first time unprofessional voice actor on Eposide 7 (Which will air on November 12th) and SEIKIN will be in Episode 8 (Which will air on November 19th)

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