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Friday, September 23, 2016

Chapter 4: Soshitsu , and release date

Just like the first 3 movies, the titles and release date was announced during the special voice actor Q&A show.
Chapter 4: 喪失/Sonshitsu/Loss will be in theater February 24th, 2017.
Bluray and DVD will release on April 4th.

Cover contains Taichi Sora and Yamato along with Hououmon and Mugendramon.
Cover will be updated once they release a clear version.
Have you watch Chapter 3 yet?
Did it make you tear? Feel free to share your thoughts :)


  1. I went to a regular showing of chapter 1 last November at Wald 9 in Shinjuku, and the next chapter teaser (with poster, title, and release date) was at the end of the screening, so it wasn't just the special voice actor Q&A screening. I suspect it's the same for this movie.

  2. Just can't wait for this. Finally with all the developments coming up from Saikai, Ketsui & Kokuhaku they entered digiworld and I bet this is the movie where there will touch upon the love triangle and clear out things as to how Taiora didn't work **Heart breaks i pieces inside**

  3. I just wish for Takeru & Hikari xD

  4. Sora grabs Taichi's shirt, who grabs Yamato's arm. And it seems there are no Agumon and Gabumon to be seen.


    and people who watched in Japan said there aren't any teaser video after the movie screening. I guess it's a sign Toei done something totally different with the animation this time around, and will need more time until they can show some footages. If my hope be right, it's something like what a studio did halfway of a series they're working on, to improve the animation quality for the "Second Season".

    I don't know.. it just seems like what Toei are doing with the animation quality. After we get poor ones on Saikai and Ketsui, they upped the game with the 5 months interval before Ketsui, and what we got this time is an overall improvement of the animation quality.

    You may call this a wild guess of mine. I just hope TOEI let Atsuya Uki himself to direct the animation this time around. Maybe that's what making Uki's Cencoroll 2 had no any updates on it's news: he had to delay the works to do some other works for Digimon Tri.!

  5. IS THAT A CORRUPTED Zeed Garurumon ????

    1. Have you ever watched Season 1 dude...............that's obviously Machinedramon. One of the Dark Masters.

    2. That's Mugendramon, one of the Dark masters. I think its called Machinedramon in US version

  6. Well, Kokuhaku indeed was a tearful chapter. I've read spoilers and some testimonies of who those was able to watch it months ago, and they were indeed true. For me, perhaps the best chapter so far of the OVA.

    Regarding Soshitsu's cover, some online were saying that Daisuke is also in the poster with the 02 Goggle boy's trademark hair color and goggles by Hououmon. Then again, only thing to confirm it would be we get to get glimpse of a clear shot of the poster.

    1. Where do those people watch the movies before official release? Any idea. I have heard about them but I thought them to be rumour as well. Can you link me to a site or give me some sites to look up in google (if linking sites is banned here)?

      It is really hard or me to wait for chapter 4 now that my 3 favourite characters are here :D

    2. There *is* a part of the poster by Taichi's foot that looks like Daisuke's hair and goggles, but I think that's probably just a coincidence and not actually Daisuke. Unless Taichi is kicking him in the face, which is actually a pretty apt metaphor for how tri's handled any references to 02 so far.

  7. Am I the only one I see Yamato designed like Adventure series in the poster?

  8. Am I the only one I see Yamato designed like Adventure series in the poster?