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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Digimon Adventure Fes 2016 BD/DVD packaging, and report

DAF packing picture.
Available on CDJAPAN on December 2nd.

 Below contains spoilers of content(translated) of the upcoming release of Bluray/DVD of Digimon Fes 2016.
Click read more if you would like to read in full detail content.

Once again we kindly ask do not repost our translation without permission.

"Digimon Adventure Fes. 2016" opened in Olympus Hall Hachioji, on July 31st, 2016. This year's Digimon fes was hosted by "The Chosen Children" and "Partner Digimon", total of 9 groups and 18 people, along with Music performed by Miyazaki Ayumu and AiM, as well as Moderator Matsuzawa Chiaki who's well known by Digimon fans.
For those who couldn't attend the event, and to feel the atmosphere of the event once again,  the event was recorded and will release in Bluray and DVD on December 2nd, 2016.Right now let's introduce the contents in this event.

After the audiences warmed up the venue with Call and respond, and the countdown VTR, the event started. Ayumi Miyazaki performed "Brave heart ~ Tri Version~" to start the event, followed by the curtains opened. Then to began with Taichi and Agumon's CV , and the rest of the 18 Chosen Children and Partner Digimon guests appeared together. The stage with all 18 of them gather together was spectacular. Their greeting with each of their partners, displayed each of their bonds.

[Digimon Talk]
The guests started their talking corner. Asked question with different themes,  such as questions you don't hear every day:"Digimon X Q", and favorite scenes "Digimon X Selection", the title for Chapter 3 "Kokuhaku"'s "Digimon X Confession". The untold story of Tentomon's CV's uses Kansai ascent style, confession of Hikari's CV's surrounding story of her staple food. Also laughed about others like Takeru's CV said an unique role of "Takeru who's a 'smarty' at handling woman.". A great talk show between the 18 guests.

[Digimon Special Drama]
The 18 guests read an original drama on the stage. Taichi and co who are enjoying their beach trip and bbq, demonstrated the page of their youthfulness. The boys asked their Digimon for advice, as they do not know how to compliment on the girl's in their bikini, the situation turned in a strange direction. A great number of guests were reading on stage that you haven't seen before, as well as some dialogue that wasn't on the script.

[Special Live]
Then, Ayumi Miyazaki and AiM started to perform their live, and the audiences stood up.
Miyazaki-san performed "Beat Hit!" and "Break up!", AiM performed "I wish ~Tri Version~ " and "an Endless tale." "An endless tale" was sung with Wada's voice playing, and AiM did the duet. After, a surprise "Wada Kouji Special Medley" (The Biggest Dreamers, Target ~ Akai Shogeki ~, Hirari, FIRE!!), with audiences sung together!  The last song for the Live performance was both of them to performed "Seven ~ Tri Version~" together.

All of the performers reassembled once more. Piyomon's CV read a letter to Mizutani-san, Sora's CV from Digimon Adventure and 02,  looked back to the moments they were together as partner, and delivered her thoughts and thank you in this letter. On behalf of the performers, Hanae-san and Sakamoto san expressed their gratitude to the Digimon fans. Lastly, all of performers performed big chorus of "Butter-Fly ~ Tri Version~ "with the audience.

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