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Thursday, October 6, 2016

November issue of Animedia and Otomedia sneak peaks (Updated Animedia's interview on Eri)

Update on Eri's interview. Many of you are looking very excited for Eri's debut, I decided to do the translation.
Due to low quality scan, the text are very blurry to read. I've tried to translate as much as I can. If any translation error feel free to point out.
As this translation is not finalize with lots of missing parts, it'll not be posting on our tumblr.

As usual, we kindly ask you don't repost our translation without our permission. Thank you.
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The 7 secret of the new idol: Eri-chan

Karan Eri:
New popular idol with strong characteristic, but she has a soft side.

It’s an action game Appmon, Eri’s buddy, it has the power of kindness. (I can’t read the last sentence, something about a battle)

Karan Eri, great debut of a brand new member from the Idol Group “Apuri Yama 470(Yunn nana maru)”. Her carry with the name “born to be the center of the Universe”, what kind of girl is she? Producer Nagatomi Daichi answered the 7 question about her personality before her debut on Episode 5.

Does Eri-chan have someone she likes?
(unclear text)

What kind of work does she do?
Shortly after she became an idol, she’s very active in many activities such as performs on TV or meet and greets (with hand shake?) or live concert. Also for the App’s PR(Advertisement), Eri-chan is the promoter for action game app.

What does Eri-chan do on her private time?
Because to become an idol, she’s been busy very day, she doesn’t have any free time. It looks like it’s hard to manage both her idol activity and her school life.

What is she good at, and vise versa?
Her special skill is to her body moves along with her bare hand(Karate?) While her weakness is she’s very bad at food report. Which you will see it on Episode 6.

What kind of Girl is Eri-chan?
She calls hereself “Born to be the center of the universe”, a girl with strong mind.
She doesn’t think she’s a celebrity, she will stand up and shows off her dance. (Blurry text)

What’s her relationship with her partner Dokamon?
Dokamon loves Eri very much, it gives you a feeling of “Follow her no matter where she goes.” But, on Eri-chan’s side…  What does she think of Dokamon, you will have to find out on Episode 5.

Tell us about her profile!
She’s junior high school student who’s a year older than Haru. A very popular new member of the super idol group: “Apuri Yama 470”.

Producer Nagatomi Daichi’s comment: Point to look for in the future episode :

From episode 1-4 will be Haru and Gatchmon’s story. After the early decisive battle on Episode 4, they break through the wall. As Buddy, the two of them grow up together. Then episode 5 will be Eri and Dokamon to make their first appearance. They are influenced by Haru and co’s words on “For the sake of everyone, I will try my hardest on something that I can do.” What will change Eri’s mind? Please look forward to it.

Sneak peak of this month's Otomedia illustration:

And Animedia's illustration