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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

[PV] Chapter 4: Soshitsu/loss (Updated with Translations)

Today's special Digimon Adventure tri. Review Special! On BS11 channel revealed a new pv as promised.

PV link here

Tokyo MX will also be playing the same special on Sunday at 8:30pm JST

Gennai: "An emotional reunion."

And we are fighting with "Loss".

Yamato:"Not for anyone else. We came to this world to see you."
Taichi: "Yeah."

Sora:"It's because I'm worried (about you)."
Piyomon: "Lies. You are just afraid to be alone."
Sora: "That's not it!"
Piyomon: "Then why don't you look for someone else?"
Sora: "Piyomon, why can't you understand?"
Piyomon: "Because I don't know you!"

Even they lost their memory...

Takeru: "Because they have lost all of our memories together in the digital world. But we remember them all: on the day we first met, and when we went apart."

For sure, we can rebuild our bond.

Mimi: "We came here for you after all, that's enough!"
Palmon: "Ah! Don't eat that!!"
Mimi :"I told you I'm not eating it!"

Taichi: "I never understood Sora's feelings since before. Even though she's always meddling in everyone's business, but won't say anything when it comes to her own decisions. Well... that's also the good traits about her."

Right now, going back to the Digital World once again!

Meiko: "*Gasp!* That's not wrong! Our partner Digimon are special. We will always be connected with each other no matter where we are. Sora was the one who told me this. Please don't say such words!"

Piyomon: "Hey, what is 'Partner'?"
Sora: "Err?"
Piymon: "You said: 'Piymon is my partner'".



    MetalSeadramon is back and so is all the dark masters it seem! Hypehypedihypehype!!!!!

  2. SERAPHIMON BABY <33 He finally show up!!

  3. 1. Rewatching 1st part of second Chapter, Gennai/Kaizer(?) was smiling when the field of beginnings were destroyed.
    2. And there was that part where Gennai was screaming something to Takeru. What is it that he said?!
    3. Why is Seraphimon in this chapter?! He wasn't in the poster! And this chapter clearly focuses on Sora.
    4. Will Patamon die, again...?
    5. The chapter's title was 'loss', so this ties in with my predictions. But I truly hope I'm wrong. Someone refute my arguments please!

    1. It really makes sense and is a good theory, specially due to the Takeru's childhood adventure in the village of the beginnings. But it seems that the writers have wasted enough time so that there is no time to focus on the details. I'd rather be happy if they put much more emphasis on the lovely angel digimon and even another heroic death won't be that bad. It brings back the memories of the past when angemon sacrificed his life to defeat devimon. It can also make it possible for the little patamon to come back later and do something very amazing in the final chapter. Right now, it seems that seraphimon's plot can't be more than a sidestory and it really gets to me. I don't want them to repeat what they have done with leomon. Using him in a poor plot and then throw it in a trash can!!!!! He could live for once till the end and do awesome things. But he was not needed because there was no digidestined to protect him against the writers :))
      In my opinion they will do the same with seraphimon and instead focus on the little cats tailmon and meicoomon from now on. I was really disappointed to see that my favorite digimon would be a side character and thrown away after that. I'm more afraid of this one than the probability of him being killed in the movie.