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Friday, February 10, 2017

[Animedia] March Issue, Appmon ep 20-22

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Animedia illustration of Taichi and Sora are having a picnic with Agumon and Piyomon

And an illustration of Appmon features Eri and Ai are celebrating Girl's day, and interview with Wajima Ami, the singer of ED 2 of Appmon

Ep 20: Good Bye Astra!? The nightmare of Doriimon!
Astra who's the next sucessor of the Asuka Family, specialize in "The Tea Ceremony". One day, his father, Ryutarou told him that he must study in Kyoto.

Ep 21: The Road to Top Idol! Coachmon's Intense Special Training!
The Idol group that Eri's part of, Appli-Yama 470 plans to open by far the largest Live Concert! However only selected members can perform in the Live. It's said that Only one member other than the Top 9 members who are voted by Fans have to decide by audition. Eri who's at 235th place on popular vote, will she be able to take on the audition?

Ep 22: Let me borrow your power, Rei and Hackmon, the day they met
The Seven Code Appmon, they are the Key to defeat Leviathan. However after Haru and co successfully become comrade with the last Seven Code Appmon: Weathedramon, Mienumon takes Weathedramon's chip away.


  1. So you make Taichi and Sora appear together in almost every ad and then deny them a place together in the main series...... TOEI Why you do this everytime??????

    1. This is too obvious or too cruel, but tri is hinting taiora since the very begining

    2. Absolutely mate! It was my first and last ship of anime ever. TOEI broke a little kid's heart like anything. And I am not even talking bout the American version. In India we were shown the Japanese version dubbed in Hindi and there too this was far too obvious. AND NOW - Just look at the title. Re: START ... Are you kidding me????? Looks like some rpgue TOEI staff isn't too happy about Sorato.... TAIORA till death mate TAIORA till death :(

    3. The opinion that taiora is an American dub invention is a complete fallacy, as you, I saw adventure in 2000 and was the latam version which was dubbed directly from Japanese. That was way before I used internet to know that an American version even exist. Is a fact that American version is more biased to taiora than original or latam or hindi ones, but taiora is undeniable in every version because it was real. Tri has a completely new production staff, and that staff said it was a bridge between 02 and the epilogue, but is also truth that since tri began the signals are taiora, and soushitsu, through its promocional material is going too far if they don't pretend to do anything about that.
      Two options I see, this is a cruel joke or an unethical merchandising strategy, or possibly the staff is not that sure to respect that part of the canon.

    4. Whoa!!! I don't know who you are or where you you live, but if we ever meet I'll give you a hug :D

      Absolutely correct mate. Even I did not know about the American version till Internet came and I was shocked to see (1.) The ridiculous American names for the dub (2.) The amount of Taiora injected.

      In season 1 and the first few episode of season 2 there was a complete lack of Sorato and they pulled a surprise trick in episode 38 and made it official.

      In Tri although Sorato is established and quite evident if you ask me, still the amount of promotional material shown about Taiora is too much. A cruel joke indeed.

      I hope Soushitsu provides a closure to this long debate.

  2. where can i find the translate of this scan? somebody knows what talk about? btw sorry for my english ..