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Sunday, February 19, 2017

[Tri] ANI-ON Station cafe goods, menu

Previously annouced Chapter 4 collaboration Music Cafe in Ani-ON Station has updated their exclusive goods, drinks and food menu.

This ANI-ON station is a cafe that came from Koushiro's office and the network.
The Chosen Children dress in their idol outfit to welcome the customers who are coming to visit.

It's a space for Digimon to enjoy the Digimon image food and drink while exchanging information with other digimons.
There are times the Digimon might peak through the monitor from Koushiro's office!

Enjoy "Digimon Adventure Tri"'s digest movie together with OP ED songs!
Right now, once again the adventure is evolving!

The menus are split into 2 different menus depends on dates.

First menu will be available between February 23rd- March 12th.
The Drink menu includes:
Taichi's "Courage" Drink: Orange Juice with Orange and diced strawberry
Sora's "Love" Drink: Cranberry drink with strawberry syrup and mix berry
Hikari's "Light" Drink: Strawberry syrup with Yogurt and diced strawberry
Mimi's "Innocent" Drink: Melon soda with Vanilla ice cream and pink jelly sugar

Second menu will be available between March 13th - March 30th
The Drink menu includes:
Yamato's "Friendship Drink"" Blue curren with Cider and lemon
Koushiro's "Knowledge" Drink: Grape drink witth Cider and Blue Berry
Jou's "Honest" Drink: Coffee with milk
Takeru's "Hope" Drink: Pinapple syrup with cider and star shape pineapple
Meiko's "Meiku" Drink: Blackcurrant syrup with water and kiwi

First half of Food menu (February 23rd- March 12th):
  • The plate that filled Agumon's stomach
  • Piyomon's Strawberry parfait 
  • Palmon's green tea fountain cake
  • Tailmon's omurice
Second half of the food menu (March 13th - March 30th):
  • Gabumon's Pancake
  • Tentomon's Tomato Risotto
  • Gomamon's Goma-mont Blanc
  • Patamon's Burger set
  • Meicoomon's Orange Cheese Sake

The special goods are included the 9 Chosen children's acrylic keychains and Mini pouch bags

There will also be special programs with digest movie of the first 4 chapters at specific time, schedule can be view through the official site , and for the first time, they will play the foreign language of the Opening and ending themes! 

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