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Thursday, March 9, 2017

[Appmon] Ep 23 synopsis, new characters for the upcoming arc

第23話 とりもどせセブンコードアプモン! 対決 極VS極!


Ep 23: Take back the Seven Code Appmon! Showdown, the Ultimate Appmon vs. the Ultimate Appmons!

If they don't get Weatherdramon back, they can't get into the Deep Web! In order to take back the chip that was stolen by MienumonHaru and co are chasing after her, but Mienumon AppGattai/App-fuze into an Ultimate Appmon...?!

Spoiler aheadnew time slot for Appmon in April, the story will also enter a brand new arc, with brand new characters.
The official twitter has revealed 4 brand new characters with the title of : 
Kyukyoku no Apumon Shitenno/The Big four Ultimate Appmon: Ultimate Four
It's unknown that if they are enemies or friends

Karisumon CV: Nakamura Kennichi 

An appmon with the mind Control ability. It's good at implying suggestions. it's good at brain washing target with clever words, and manipulate them at its will.

Biomon CV: Koyasu Takehito

An appmon with the abilityof life. A great doctor with the saying: "There's no patients that Biomon can't cure!" He has all knowledge of all living creatures, surgery is like a child play to him. 

Fakemon CV:Shiratori Tetsu 
An appmon with ability to make impersonation. An evil buffoon that creates lies and misleads the world. His impersonation arm is a first grade item.

Beautymon CV: Tsunematsu Ayumi
In order to make the most beauty out of this world, she's an appmon with the ability of beauty. Not only her appearance, her voice and behaviors are beautiful, they are deeply attract the heart of everyone.

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  1. It's Nakamura Yuichi that is the CV for Karisumon