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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rumour debunked, a NEW Digimon Story game & MORE V-Jump news! *UPDATE!*

Some new V-Jump news has surfaced!

There will be an Appmon x Digimon cross-promotion celebrating the 20th Anniversary; this page shows Alphamon, Omegamon, Wargreymon and Agumon, and mentions MetalGarurumon. Credit to @ink_4bb for the image:

The Appmon TCG official website has been teasing the information for this set of cards since mid-February.

Set of 50 cards;
-Ultra Rare: 3
-Campaign Rare: 8
-Rare: 10
-Normal: 29
An 8 card booster pack costs 200 yen
A 4 card vending machine pack costs 100 yen

The rumours of a Digimon Story Game titled "Digimon Story Ex Machina" were disproved by the game's producer, Kazumasa Habu (@habumon), on twitter:

"Oops! Although there are rumors that a sequel called Ex Machina is coming out... it's fake information."

The "My Game News Flash" website mentions, along with V-Jump images, that there is going to be a Digimon Story game; a part of the Cyber Sleuth story (either a sequel or prequel). The game is titled "Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory." It may be released on both PS Vita and PS4 in 2017. The main character's name is Keisuke, however he can be renamed (there does not seem to be a female protagonist.)
Some new digimon can be seen in the DigiFarm screenshot; Strikedramon, Sangloupmon, Grademon, Dinobeemon, Unimon and possibly a Hackmon-line evolution. There are 2 digimon that can partially be seen beside the protagonist; these may be the partner digimon you can start with; Gotsumon and Tentomon.
There is also mention of Cyber Sleuth being released for the PS4 in Japan, as it currently a PSVita only game there.

*UPDATE!* Larger V-Jump images have appeared; credit to @rastadog77 on twitter:

New digimon shown are Golemon, Crescemon, Dagomon, Fanbeemon, and CatchMamemon. The third partner digimon is Betamon, following a similar theme to Cyber Sleuth, where the player can choose a digimon that is one of the 3 types (Data, Vaccine, Virus).

There is also a feature for the upcoming Digital Monster 20th Anniversary virtual pet. The new digimon featured is Durandamon. There is a silhouette of a virtual pet toy and Apollomon that mentions a new development coming next issue!


  1. i think along the way we gonna see the femal protagonist.... like previous digimon games, they introduce a bit late

  2. Oh man... Really hope a Digimon game receives an international release on the 3DS... What was the last game we got? Digimon World Championship?

  3. It was Digimon World: Next Order, it came out nearly two months ago

  4. wow crescemon :o
    i hope they added lunamon too

  5. pliss, remake digimon digital card battle

  6. CatchMamemon is a terrible choice. It's just a Mamemon in a mech.

  7. Is Cyber Sleuth becoming a sub-franchise? Cool! They have the assets from Next 0rder, so they could add some new Digimon from those (Meicoomon line, BoltBautamon, Spirit Digimon, Xros Digimon, etc)