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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digimon Adventure: The Real World - exhibit details & merchandise!

The "Digimon Adventure: The Real World" website has been updated with more details about the exhibit as well as new exclusive merchandise!

The exhibit will be laid out as in the illustrations above:
Area 0 - Entrance Corner
Area 1 - Kuwagamon Corner
Area 2 - Etemon, Jyureimon Corner
Area 3 - Pinochimon Corner
Area 4 - Gennai's Exhibition Corner
Area 5 - Vamdemon's Castle Corner
Area 6 - Last Story Train Photo Spot Corner

There are exclusive original goods for those who buy or order tickets:

A Commemorative Visit Medal (left) and a Commemorative Visit Wristband

Original digital monster artwork, animation references and merchandise from the Digimon series, including the original virtual pets, will be on display. A giant Digivice and a replica of the train will be present at the exhibit as well.

Here is the merchandise that will be at the event; it is noted that although the event store does not require admission, if it gets too crowded there may be restricted or limited access prioritizing event attendees. Additionally, random/blind merchandise is limited to 8 or 10 per person per set (depending on the set of merchandise you are buying).

Gold BIG Can Badge
Set of 10 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 10 PER PERSON
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Key Holder
Set of 8
Price: 800 yen + tax each

Clear File
Size: A4
Price: 350 yen + tax

Masking Tape
Set of 8
Size: 1.5cm/0.6" wide, 38.1cm/15" long
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Magnet
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 8 PER PERSON
Price: 400 yen + tax each

4 Set PataPata Memo
Price: 700 yen + tax

Clear Bottle
Size: Holds 500ml
Set of 8
Price: 1,500 yen + tax each

Mug Cup
Set of 2
Price: 1,200 yen + tax each

Book-Type Smartphone Case
Set of 2
Size: Supports phones sized up tp 14.2cm/5.6" tall × 7.1cm/2.8" wide
Price: 2,980 yen + tax each

Commemorative Plate
Size: Diameter of 17.2cm/6.75"
Price: 2,000 yen + tax

Set of 30 - Unknown if blind packaged or individual sale
Price: 150 yen + tax each

Clear Bromide
Set of 8
Size: 10cm/4" wide × 14.8cm/5.8" tall
Price: 250 yen + tax each

Set of 2
Sizes: Medium or Large (Unisex)

Business Card Case
Price: 10,000 yen

Name Scene Strap
Set of 4
Price: 900 yen + tax each

Die Cut Sticker
Set of 8
Price: 350 yen + tax each

Original Cap
Price: 2,600 yen + tax

Crystal Paper Weight
Price: 6,000 yen + tax

Dodeka Can Badge 4th Set
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged LIMITED 10 PER PERSON
Price: 500 yen + tax each

Acrylic Stand
Set of 8 - Blind Packaged (Gacha)
Price: 500 yen + tax

Pair Charm Key Holder
Set of 8
Price: 1,200 yen + tax each
Canvas Art
Price: 3,000 yen + tax

Any customer that spends 3,000 yen before tax will receive an event key visual postcard.

For a limited time, all visitors will receive Digimon Linkz special stickers:

Source: Official Website

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