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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

[Tri] Character relationship chart

Official tri twitter and website have posted a character relationship chart up to the story by chapter 4.

The ones who refused to coexist between Digimon and Human: Yggdrasill: Alphamon and Mysterious man (That looks like Gennai)
Yggdrasill attacks the Chosen Children, and have conspiracy with Maki Himekawa.
also scheme Meicoomon's rampage

Their opposition is The ones who hope for the stability of the world: Homeostasis: Genai(In silhouette), and Hackmon.
Text below the double arrow says: Or Are they(Yddrasil or Homeostasis) the same character? 

Homeostasis is watching Meicoomon.
Meicoomon is nakama/comrade with the original 8 chosen children, and partner of Meiko's.

From Homeostasis leads to "The Chosen Children's box": Used to right together, and now..?

Hackmon made contact with Nishijima.
Nishijima is helping the Chosen Children.
Maki is using the Chosen children.

That should be all for translation.
It raises the question if the translation for Chapter 5's title :Kyousei is "coexsit" instead of "Symbiosis".

1 comment:

  1. I'd like to make a correction. They are not asking if Yggdrasil and the Homeostasis are the same character(同一人物), they are asking is Gennai and his doppelganger are. I know this because it's on the dotted line that links Gennai and his doppelganger.