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Monday, June 12, 2017

[Animedia] July issue, appmon ep 37-39 synopsis

Ep 37: Attack! Ultimate Appmon: The Ultimate 4!

Eri got invited by Unryuuji Knight to his luxury boat. However she finds out Knight is working under their enemy: Leviathan. Eri rejects Knight's offers to turn her into the best idol with Leviathan and his power, and dives into the ocean. She's rescued and reunited with Haru and co who came to save her. However, Haru and co are attacked by Karisumon of The Ultimate Four.

Ep 38: Take back Gatchmon, Grandpa Denemon's trial 

Haru and Co's Applidrives are destroyed from the attack of The Ultimate Four. They have to accept the reality of Gatchmon and others are no longer here. Haru is thinking about what he can do to bring him back.

Ep 39: Brand new power! Applidrive Duo

Haru and co got the new Applidrive Duo, find out the whereabouts of Yuujin and Offmon who are captured by The Ultimate Four. They are in the Appmon cemetery. Haru and co are rushing there immediately.

Ep 40: The ultimate Four appears once again! Cloud's written challenge
Synopsis N/A

As for these 2 images, nothing much reveal for the major stories.
The giant text in the middle for Tri "To the Real World for battle, (will?)Taichi catch Meiko's heart?"
Brief summary of the wall of texts: recap of the reboot, Meiko is the key person to stop Meicoomon/Meicrackmon's abnormal state. However Meiko is distress by Meicoomon's rampage. No matter how many tries, Taichi and Co is having difficulties to open Meiko's mind.

As for the illustration, Koushiro and Taichi are having fun catching bugs with their partners. Koushiro thought he caught an insect, but it's his partner Digimon: Tentomon.

Appmon: Success in her Idol elect! Eri enters her next stage!
Brief summary: recap of ep 35 and 36. Although Eri's popularity has raised, but she may not be good at the game of Scooping Gold fish.  With her is Yuujin who's a boy, it could create chaos by fans. However if anyone put scandal on Eri, she will "Dokkan Punch" them all!


  1. Good job, Bokutachi no Digital World!! You are a wonderful site. You are amazing at what you do!! BTW thanks for the update on 'Appli Monsters.' It's a swell anime!! :)

  2. charismon is corret write
    charismon is power x1,5= need globemon wiwth 70.000 defeat the barrier

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