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Thursday, August 10, 2017

[Animedia] September issue , Appmon ep 45-49 synopsis

Once again please do not repost or copy our translation without permission, thank you kindly!
There are technical terms I'm not positive if it's properly translated(such as アプリ化/Applization, データ化/data conversion), if you have a better translation for those terms, please let us know, thank you. 

Ep 45: Big Clash! Gatchmon VS. Agumon

(Animedia version)
Hajime joins Haru and co's team and informed them the existence of Leviathan's plan:"The Applization of the human race". The one who mange the data conversion of human, and the key to activate the program is Bootmon. Haru and co must get to Bootmon before Leviathan. However, there are incidents of video game characters go on rampage.

(Toei's version)
VIdeo Game characters are going on rampage? IOT devices are having troubles! The one that involves all of the rampage is a raising RPG game character that Haru grew up with!

Ep 46: Wish upon the starry sky! Operation to save Astra!
Popular Apptuber Astra submits his "Noreru" video to Apptube as usual. As his has a traditional family who's specialized in Japanese Tea Ceremony, he has thought about the coexistence between being an apputber and the future head of the family.  However, his uncle Ryuujiro is greatly against it. Torajiro is taken to his uncle's "Aruka tora/arkdra(?)" Temple.

Ep 47: The truth of Yuujin
Consider a very high possibility, (Haru and co) find out that Bootmon is in Haru's high school. However when Bootmon gets scare, it activates its emergency escape program and run away, makes it difficult to catch him. Therefore, Rei and Hajime create special program of a secret weapon.

Ep 48: Activate! Human Applization project!
Synopsis TBA
ep 49: The Miracle Final evolution! The God Appmon descents
synopsis TBA

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