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Monday, August 28, 2017

[Tri] Digimon Adventure Tri. MUSIC CAFE in AniON Station menu, goods revealed

This Ani-ON Station is
A cafe produced by Digimon and "The Chosen Children"
Drinks with the Digimon's image colour, and Food that "The Chosen Children" want to make for their digimon to enjoy.
Cafe time is to enjoy your meal at ease.
Party time is videos and music that express the charm of digimon

Ani-ON Station Akihabara location runs from September 8th - Octorber 15th.
Ani-ON Station Nanba Park store (Osaka) runs from September 29th to Octorber 22nd

This time they have two different tickets, unlike the previous Ani-ON, this time they are using a reservation system that rotates every 90 minutes and must make at least one order. (Reservation for the Akihabara location can be found on the official site)
Cafe time is 300 Yen, comes with one coaster and a message card
Party time is 500 Yen, comes with one coaster and a message card.
As shown in the below picture:

Cafe and Party time Schedule as follow:

 Special program:

Special Limited Party Time Program:
The MC for the Ani-On Station will deliver the charm of Digimon Adventure Tri in Radio program style.
Audiences will answer questions, and looking back at the episodes.
Includes hot messages to introduce to everyone!
In the environment surrounded by Digimon, have a great time!

What is a Message Card?

There are 18 different types of message cards, you will receive one when you enter the cafe with either a Cafe Time or Party Time ticket. It's a card that you can write anything you want. You can use it by cutting and following the line from the card.
During Party time, you use it to answer "Today's question" asked by the MC.

Special Drink menu:
Similar to previous Ani-ON, they divided the menu into 2 different parts.
The first part of the menu runs from September 8th - 28th (Akihabara)/ Sep 29th- October 9th (Osaka)

  • Agumon's Rumbling Mango Yogurt
  • Piyomon's Sweet Strawberry Drink
  • Palmon's Fluttering Flower Soda
  • Gomamon's Goma-tching(Black Sesame) shake
  • Patamon's Fluffy Hot milk Tea

 2nd part of the drink menu is TBA

Special Food:
They are divided into two parts as well:
  • Taichi's Shoot on stomach takoyaki
  • Sora's filled with love special made Lunch box 
  • America Cafe recommended by Mimi
  • Jou's bright and thank you Ramen
  • Takeru's homemade patamon cake

 2nd menu TBA

Coaster goods: 
You can get a clear coaster when you order from the collaboration menu,  you can then place the coaster you receive when you enter the store into the clear coaster. You can put two coasters together facing front and back.

 Special Goods:

  • Acrylic Stands features the Chosen Children in their new cafe outfit, there's 9 kinds in total, each are 1300 Yen (With tax)
  • Magnet Clip total 9 kinds, random pick, 500 yen each
  • Tote bag, 1600 yen
  • A5 Size Clear File, total 2 kinds(A set and B Set), 1400 yen each.

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