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Monday, September 11, 2017

[Animedia] October Issue, Appmon ep 50-52 Synopsis

Ep 50: The bond of Hope, Haru and Gaiamon!
(Animedia version is the summary of episode 49. Therefore we'll be translating the Official Toei website's synopsis instead)
A huge shadow suddenly appears in the sky, people are panicing!! Could it be that Leviathan is Appli-realized?! Haru who got the Gaiamon's chip, will he be able to save his precious Yuujin?
Ep 51: 
Artificial Intelligence's Dream

Leviathan captured the God appmons and starts to install. The people who are washed by the light Leviathan releases turn into Apps one by one, while their original form is erased. At the situation like this, the public phone is ringing near where Haru and co are. Haru picks up the phone, it's his grandpa Denemon.
Ep 52:  Our Singularity
After taking Denemon's advice,  Haru and co make rescue mission to save Gaiamon and co from Leviathan. On the other hand, Gaiamon and others are also trying to escape out of Leviathan. Will they be able to confluence with each other?
Is episode 52 the last episode of Appmon?
Nothing is written on the schedule 
to indicate that it’s the final episode.

Edited: Appmon's official website has confirmed it's total 52 episodes 

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